The 11 most innovative medical devices of 2017


GalienFoundationBestMedTechThe nominees for the best medical technology of 2017 were recently announced for the 11th Annual Prix Galien USA Awards.

The Galien Foundation, the host of the awards, hands out the the Prix Galien Award annually to examples of outstanding biomedical and technology product achievement designed to improve human condition.

Before candidates can qualify for the award, their products need to have been FDA approved for market within the last five years, and they have to show major potential to impact healthcare. This year’s winners will be announed at the Prix Galien USA Awards ceremony on Oct. 26 at the American History Museum of Natural History in New York City.

“The 2017 nominees are working each day to ensure a healthier future for the next generation,” Dr. P. Roy Vagelos, chairman of Prix Galien USA Awards Committee, said in a press release. “The selection committee appreciates the unwavering devotion by the teams of researchers, scientists and innovators that have dedicated their lives to such a worthy cause, and we are honored to recognize their achievements.”

This year, the foundation selected 15 nominees for “Best Biotechnology Product,” 34 nominees for “Best Pharmaceutical Agent” and 11 nominees for “Best Medical Technology.”

The best medical technology devices range from cardiac to head injury assessment. Here are the 11 most innovative medical devices according to the Galien Foundation.

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DeviceTalks West: Expertise you need to know

textadimage Medical device suppliers are light years away from the days when they merely filled orders to spec for medtech OEMs – as a visit to the upcoming DeviceTalks West will quickly confirm.

From incorporating steerability into catheters to getting validation and testing done right, the companies serving the medical device industry have become specialized experts in their own right.

Read on to discover five example of medical device expertise to be had at DeviceTalks West, which runs Dec. 11–12 in Orange County, Calif.

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