The 11 most innovative medical devices of 2017


9. Johnson & Johnson – Ethicon: Evarrest fibrin sealant patch


[Image from Ethicon]

The Evarrest fibrin sealant patch from Ethicon is a flexible sealant patch designed for general hemostasis. It has a durable mechanical structure for integrated clot formation and has hemostatic efficacy upon first-use attempt, according to the company. It doesn’t require preparation, mixing or moistening – and is ready right out of the box. It has a shelf life of 30 months as well. Thousands of woven fibers and active human biologics work together to stop bleeding in tumor bed, liver resection and aortic reconstruction in 3 minutes. When applied, blood passes through the patch and clot formation begins at the bleeding surface and within the patch. The adhesives on the patch form a tight physical seal with tissue and the patch keeps its flexible barrier to bleeding. The patch is fully absorbed in eight weeks.

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How do you know your technology is disruptive enough to break conventional wisdom?

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