9 exhibitors to check out at MD&M Minneapolis


4. Ametek Specialty Metal Products: Metal tube, strip and powder


Ametek Specialty Metal Products will be presenting its metal tubing, strip and powder for critical medical applications at MD&M Minneapolis this year.

The high specification tubing offered by Ametek is manufactured by U.K.-based Fine Tubes and U.S.-based Superior Tube. Both are manufacturers of biocompatible seamless or welded and drawn tubing made from a variety of metals like stainless steel, titanium and specialty alloys. The tubes can be used for applications indlueint vascular stents, implantable heart valves, orthopedic implants and spinal cages.

Ametek’s metal strip products are manufactured by Hamilton Precision Metals and Ametek SMP Wallingford and come in a variety of alloys including CP Titanium Grades 1, 2, 4, Titanium Grades 5, 9, 23 and SS 316LS. They can be used for coronary stents, surgical implants, implantable device battery applications and staples.

High-purity titanium powders and master alloys offered by the company are manufactured by Reading Alloys. Reading Alloys supplies high-quality titanium for joint-replacement applications and other high-purity master alloys for precision titanium medical devices. Ametek’s products range from commercially pure titanium powders, magnesium reduced titanium sponge powders, titanium hydride powders and titanium 6Al-4V powders.

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Ametek Specialty Metal Products

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