Researchers develop metal-free contrast agent

Researchers at MIT and the University of Nebraska have developed a contrast agent that is metal-free, which could make it safer for certain individuals, according to a new report. The groups said they have created a metal-free contrast agent which could be safer for high-risk groups, as the fluid uses organic molecules called nitroxides, according

NexCore Tech picks up Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing

Nexcore Technology said today it acquired Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing for an undisclosed amount. Phase 2 manufactures a wide variety of Class I, II and II single-use instruments and disposable medical devices, Waldwick, N.J.-based Nexcore said. Phase 2 has locations in Rochester, N.H., Lafayette, Colo and Tijuana. “Phase 2 has developed a world-class team that

Agilent Tech pays $52m for Raman spectroscopy developer Cobalt

Agilent Technologies said today it’s acquired U.K.-based Raman spectroscopic instrument developer Cobalt Light Systems for $51.5 million (GBP £40 million). Cobalt develops benchtop and handheld Raman spectroscopic instruments based on proprietary technologies to enable through-barrier identification of chemicals and materials, the company said. “Raman spectroscopy is one of the fastest-growing segments in spectroscopy. This acquisition

NuPak Medical acquired by largest customer Katena

Medical device contract manufacturer NuPak Medical has been acquired by its biggest customer, Katena Products, according to an Xconomy report. San Antonio, Texas-based NuPak Medical manufactures products including dental implants, orthopedic devices, diabetes infusion sets and surgical instruments, according to the report. NuPak’s full employee roster of 18 individuals will remain with the company after

K2M wins FDA nod for Capri 3D-printed corpectomy cage

K2M Group said today it won FDA 510(k) clearance for its Capri small 3D static corpectomy cage system, touting it as the 1st-to-market 3D-printed, FDA-cleared device of its kind. The newly cleared device is designed for stabilizing the thoracolumbar spine during vertebral body resections as a result of trauma or tumors, the Leesburg, Va.-based company

Researchers claim 100% cancer detection rate

Researchers at the University of Montreal Hospital Research Center say they have developed a multimodal optical spectroscopy probe that could provide better detection of common forms of cancer, enabling longer life expectancies and lower risk of recurrence. The team, which began work on the probe in 2015, have refined the invention and designed a new

Are we closer to a game-changing device for Parkinson’s disease?

University of Washington researchers say they’ve developed an advanced deep brain stimulation system to treat essential tremor and Parkinson’s without constantly being “on,” allowing for longer battery life and better treatment. The system utilizes electrodes on top of the brain to sense movement in parts of the body that experience essential tremor, alongside a deep

Bionik Labs and Wistron to partner on development of powered exoskeleton

Robotic developer Bionik Laboratories and tech service provider Wistron said today they are partnering to design, engineer and manufacture low-price, lower-body assistive robotic technologies for the consumer medical device market. The companies said the new development will be based on Bionik’s currently-in-development Arke lower body exoskeleton, which is being designed for rehabilitation use, and will

S&S Plastics teams with StarMed on endoscopy bottle top

S&S Plastics has partnered with StarMed to develop a new endoscopy bottle top designed to reduce cross-contamination during gastroenterological investigations, according to a Medical Plastics News report. The device, designed by StarMed, is intended to keep endoscopes lenses clean and ensure a proper diagnosis and reduce procedure times. The final product reduces cross-contamination during procedures

Researchers create ‘ultrasound drill’ to attack thrombosis

North Carolina researchers have developed a new surgical tool that uses low-frequency intravascular ultrasound to break down blood clots that could cause deep vein thrombosis. The ultrasound “drill”, called that because it can be aimed directly ahead, could allow physicians to better target clots and reduce treatment time, according to researchers from North Carolina State

3D printing: FDA clears Si-Bone’s iFuse-3D sacroiliac device

Si-Bone said today it won FDA 510(k) clearance for its 3D-printed titanium iFuse-3D implant designed for fusion procedures to treat certain disorders of the sacroiliac joint. The San Jose, Calif.–based company said that the iFuse-3D is the 1st ever 3D-printed titanium implant designed for use in the sacroiliac joint. The company developed it using proprietary

DoubleBlack Imaging buys Richardson Healthcare’s PACS imaging display biz

Richardson Electronics said last week it is selling its picture archiving and communications systems display business, including its Image Systems brand, to Double Black Imaging for an undisclosed amount. The Image Systems portfolio includes 2MP through 6MP color and grayscale displays as well as proprietary CFS calibration software designed to simplify conformance and calibration of

2 paths to success on the medtech fundraising trail

Funding a medical technology company isn’t a simple job: Modern medical devices require cutting-edge innovation, research and design to make it to market. And don’t even get started on regulatory and reimbursement challenges. The recession of the late 2000s, Affordable Care Act and changes to regulatory bodies and reimbursement requirements have changed the game for

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Med device, drug delivery companies join J&J’s Toronto JLABS incubator

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) said today it has added 24 companies, including those in the medical device and drug delivery fields, to its JLABS incubator facility in Toronto, Canada. The facilities in Toronto now host over 40 companies, according to Johnson & Johnson, all of which are provided with lab space and offices, modular lab

Abbott lands French reimbursement win for FreeStyle Libre glucose monitor

Abbott (NYSE:ABT) said today it won national reimbursement from the French Health ministry for its FreeStyle Libre wearable glucose monitor. The FreeStyle Libre is designed to monitor glucose through a sensor worn on the back of the upper arm for 2 weeks, without the need for the finger prick calibration required by continuous glucose monitoring