DeviceTalks: 3M’s Cindy Kent on leadership, growth and inclusion in medtech


Cindy KentCindy Kent is no stranger to medtech – she’s spent 20 years in healthcare, moving up the ranks and finding her way to president & GM for 3M’s infection prevention division. She spoke with MassDevice.comPublisher Brian Johnson at the DeviceTalks event in Minnesota this week about her skills as a leader, how she ended up as an ordained minister and the importance of inclusion and mentorship in the workplace. 

Brian Johnson: Recently you were hanging out with Oprah. How did that come about?

Cindy Kent: I love giving back, and I was invited to Johnson C. Smith, which is an historic black college and university, in Charlotte. I was supposed to make a reception for all of their faculty and graduating seniors in STEM fields.

As we were ending the [first] night, the president and chairman of the board pulled us aside, and they’re looking at each other very strangely, and they said, “We think we should tell her.” “Well, do you think we should?” And I’m like, “Somebody tell me something.” And so they leaned over, very sheepish smiles and they said, “Oprah’s going to be there tomorrow. We don’t want you to be nervous.” And I said, “Oprah, as in what’s her last name?”

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DeviceTalks West: Expertise you need to know

textadimage Medical device suppliers are light years away from the days when they merely filled orders to spec for medtech OEMs – as a visit to the upcoming DeviceTalks West will quickly confirm.

From incorporating steerability into catheters to getting validation and testing done right, the companies serving the medical device industry have become specialized experts in their own right.

Read on to discover five example of medical device expertise to be had at DeviceTalks West, which runs Dec. 11–12 in Orange County, Calif.

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