Hold still: fixing touchscreen drift

Todd Schwanger, Global Product Manager, Southco Inc. The latest development in the digitization of healthcare infrastructure is the accelerating migration from traditional computer monitors to touchscreen devices. The transition is from a static device that simply displays information into one that is continually touched, tapped, and swiped. Different types of touch screens present new equipment design

Medtech components: 5 p’s you need to embrace

By Mike Bolduc, Global Marketing Manager, Industrial & Medical Segments, C&K When it comes to medical device performance, it’s no secret that accuracy and reliability are top of mind. Whether it’s a blood glucose monitor for a diabetic patient or a surgical robot for a cardiac procedure, lives are at stake if these devices fail

These mind-controlled robotic arms don’t need brain implants

Researchers from the University of Minnesota have developed a non-invasive way to control robotic arms by purely thinking about how to move them. This innovation is a breakthrough and trumps previous brain-computer interfaces that required implants in the brain to record brain signals and control robotics. “This is the first time in the world that

Raumedic signs exclusive Chinese distributor for neurosurgical catheters

Raumedic and Woke Medical signed a partnership and distribution agreement at the end of November, pertaining to the exclusive distribution of Raumedic Neurovent neurosurgical catheters in China over the next years. The East Asian giant is one of the strongest growing markets in medical engineering. A significant growth can also be recorded for special products

What high-performance polymers drive growth in specialty healthcare applications?

Jeff Hrivnak/Global Business Development Manager – Healthcare/Solvay Engineering polymers have helped make healthcare simpler, safer and more cost-effective for decades, and together they helped to drive a global market that was valued at $9.69 billion in 2013, according to analyst firm Grand View Research. Further, Grand View projects that the versatility of medical polymers will

Laser-based composite manufacturing using LAP’s solution COMPOSITE PRO

The solution LAP COMPOSITE PRO includes perfectly harmonized components to simplify and accelerate manual composite lay-up: LAP CAD-PRO laser projectors and the LAP PRO-SOFT laser projection software have been designed to meet the requirements of corporations from the aerospace industry, wind energy industry, automotive industry and shipbuilding industry in order to ensure the high quality

Healthcare’s new culture code

Roy Smythe wants you to know he is not some hippy, New Age guru. But he does want to apply some New Age and pop psychology to the changing healthcare system, and offer a new way to think about the industry using culture code. Smythe, who is the chief medical officer for Valence Health, a

Unpacking ‘value’ in medical device development

The word “value” is a loaded term. At every stage of healthcare, it takes on different meanings. But above all, it has become, alongside the term “innovation,” the most sought after attribute for medical technology. “Most doctors are looking for value to patients and outcomes,” explains Bill Evans, SVP Innovation at Bridge Design, a Ximedica

SDP/SI solves high-speed application challenge

Each component in a design impacts its future direction. Make sure your choices are the best to achieve your desired objective. In today’s high-speed and lightweight applications plastic components succeed where metal formerly served. Cam Followers using plastic, high-load capacity composite rollers are a maintenance-free, clean and quiet running alternative to traditional metal designs. Established

New smart textile is the muscle behind next generation devices

Researchers have for the first time, developed a smart textile from carbon nanotube and spandex fibers that can both sense and move in response to a stimulus like a muscle or joint. Lead researcher Dr. Javad Foroughi from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) explains that the key difference between this, and previous

Custom-made seals for the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology: Special EPDM seal AP 306

The independent seal manufacturer C. Otto Gehrckens developed the new sealing EPDM compound “AP 306” for highly sensitive production processes in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and medical technology. The special material in the COG HygienicSeal series has been granted the most important approvals for application in these highly demanding industries. As well as the harmlessness

YXLON CT goes VGStudio MAX 3.0

Effective immediately, all computed tomography systems from YXLON International will be delivered including the VGStudio MAX 3.0 visualization and analysis software family. According to the manufacturer, Volume Graphics, the software has been redeveloped from scratch. By directly implementing VGStudio MAX 3.0 and the add-on modules for special areas of application, YXLON customers profit right away

Ximedica tapped to advise Cambridge MedSpace incubator

Ximedica said today it inked a strategic partnership deal with healthcare technology incubator Cambridge MedSpace. Through the deal, Providence, R.I.-based Ximedica will provide personalized guidance and advisory services to the incubator, which the company touts it has developed for over 30 years. “We know that healthcare technologies face unique challenges; particularly the standards of the

3Shape Abutment Designer receives 510(k) clearance from FDA

The U.S. FDA has issued a 510(k) clearance for 3Shape Abutment Designer, a functionality within 3Shape Dental System CAD/CAM software. The 510(k) clearance covers all implant cases being designed using 3Shape Dental System software. A 3Shape Abutment Designer and/or Implant Bridge and Bars license is needed to use the functionality. “There has been considerable discussion

Newark element14 showcases TE Connectivity’s product solutions for transportation

Newark element14 has partnered with TE Connectivity (TE) to feature unique high-voltage components for transportation applications in its storefront, including products focused on rail system operations, for a range of climate and environmental conditions. These high-voltage components are equipped to help meet the evolving needs of public transportation in growing cities. The products are commonly