How WiFi could monitor sleep disorders

Monitoring sleep disorders could be as easy as measuring the radio waves around a patient through WiFi, according to new research from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Massachusetts General Hospital. Traditionally, physicians measure sleep disorders through electrodes or other sensors attached to a patient. The new method, however, is a device that uses an advanced

How a built-in refrigerator ice dispenser can dispense medication

An Arizona State University student recently designed an automatic medicine dispenser that could replace water and ice dispensers on refrigerators, according to a case study from Model Solution (Milpitas, Calif.). The device can dispense pills for two different users and gives audio and visual signals for the times that the users have to take their

Could this algorithm be better at diagnosing arrhythmia than cardiologists?

A new algorithm that can go through hours of heart data to detect arrhythmia performs better than trained cardiologists, according to new research from Stanford University. The algorithm gathers data from wearable monitors to find life-threatening irregular heartbeats and allows for data to be sorted through in remote areas where there is a scarcity of

Wearable device gives real-time posture feedback to Parkinson’s patients

University of Houston researchers have developed a smartphone-based biofeedback rehabilitation system – a wearable device designed to help people with Parkinson’s disease. The research team developed the Smarter Balance System (SBS) to help guide patients through balance exercises while using wearable technology. It is designed to help people regain stable balance and confidence in doing

10 new crowdfunded health devices that will intrigue you

With crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, companies can obtain the funding for ideas they want to come to life (even potato salad parties), with the promise of something in return to the donors. And while crowdfunding presents challenges for regulated medical devices, it’s proven to be a boon for startups touting potentially innovative health and

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Stuffed animal has lifelike heartbeat to aid Alzheimer’s patients

A couple of University of Illinois students have created a startup called Therapalz to give soothing vibrations, sounds, movement and a lifelike heartbeat within a stuffed animal for Alzheimer’s patients. The 2 students, junior systems engineering and design major Fiona Kalensky and junior marketing major Isak Massman, designed the companion animal for a student organization Design

Medtech stories we missed this week: April 21, 2017

From new and renewed partnerships to FDA approvals, here are medtech stories we missed this week but thought were still worth mentioning. 1. Life Spine receives FDA clearance for cervical spacer system Life Spine announced in an April 19 press release that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Plateau-C Ti Cervical Spacer System. The system uses

5 things you need to know to make connected medical devices

Bill Welch, Phillips-Medisize The estimated number of connected medical devices – devices connected to the Internet –is expected to increase from 10 billion to 50 billion over the next decade, according to the IBM Institute for Business Value. This is due to the ability for machine-to-machine communication through cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors,

Don’t get zapped: preventing electrostatic discharge in home healthcare products

As medical devices increasingly move into the home, their designers are encountering a new challenge: electrostatic discharge. The 4th edition of EMC/IEC 60601-1-2 requirements, set to take effect in December, 2018*, offers some answers, says SL Power’s applications engineer Don Baldwin. “In a hospital you have an electrically clean environment, so to speak,” Baldwin says. “By contrast,

New at-home sleep apnea tests compete with for-profit labs

The big business in laboratory sleep apnea testing has a new competitor in the homes of obstructive sleep apnea sufferers. Portable sleep monitors could be used to test for obstructive sleep apnea at home when testing in a laboratory is not suitable. It is often referred to as the “unattended sleep study.” At-home sleep apnea

New Obi robotic dining device wins internationally renowned ‘Oscar of Innovation’

Obi, a revolutionary robotic dining device, is a winner in the Mechanical/Materials category in the 54th annual R&D 100 Awards. The announcement was made at the recent annual award ceremony celebrating the 100 most technologically significant breakthroughs introduced into the marketplace in 2016. Dubbed the “Oscars of Innovation,” the R&D 100 Awards recognize excellence across

New study to evaluate virtual rehabilitation platform for physical therapy after total knee replacement surgery

Reflexion Health, a digital healthcare company, in conjunction with the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) announced the enrollment of the first patients in Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation In-home Therapy: A Research Study (VERITAS), which is designed to evaluate the cost and outcomes of using a virtual rehabilitation platform to deliver physical therapy following total knee replacement

CNOGA Medical was announced the “Most Innovative company in the Israeli national Pavilion” at the Medica 2016 Exhibition

CNOGA Medical announced that it has been recognized as the “Most Innovative company in the Israeli national Pavilion.” CNOGA TensorTip medical devices use a real time color image sensor and unique algorithms to accurately measure more than dozen bio parameters from the patients’ fingertip blood capillaries non-invasively. “We are pleased to receive this award acknowledging

Qorvo expands capabilities of voice-activated, smart home assistants

Qorvo, a provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world, is helping to advance smart home networking with a radio chip and software that significantly expand the ability of consumers to control their homes with spoken commands. The GP712 radio chip supports multiple communication protocols in a single-chip design suited to connected-home applications. It was

Innovation Zed announces novel insulin pen accessory to improve diabetes management

Innovation Zed, an established Irish medtech company, has announced a new snap-on accessory for insulin pens to enable more flexible insulin management options for people with diabetes. InsulCheck Connect automatically collects and records insulin pen usage and behaviour data ‘on the go.’ This enables new and more flexible therapies to improve diabetes management and to