GI Plastek expands in-house capabilities

GI Plastek (Wolfeboro, N.H.) – a specialist in large to medium complex molded products – announced this month that it has significantly expanded its in-house electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding capabilities. GI Plastek’s new mechanized production paint line is housed in a new 9,000-square-foot paint facility. The paint line allows GI Platek

4 questions to ask when the mold will not fill right

A pressure sensor can be a big help when your mold isn’t filling properly. Here are four questions to ask when shopping for the right sensor. Shane VandeKerkhof, RJG Some molding problems can be diagnosed with a little pressure data from inside the mold. But whether you’re new to molding or a seasoned veteran trying to

How to efficiently move from 3D printing to injection molding

Designers in medical device and health industries can benefit from integrating 3D printing, machining and injection molding from prototyping to production and even during the post-launch phase of products. Todd Nelson, Proto Labs Using industrial 3D printing for rapid prototyping of parts for new medical devices and other products can mean design risk reduction for

Medbio expands implant molding capabilities

Medbio has announced that it has launched another dedicated implant molding cell to help expand the company’s injection molding offerings. “We’re excited about our growth and the expanded capabilities in implantable components,” said John Woodhouse, director of sales and marketing for Medbio. “We’ve increased our capacity to meet the growing needs of our customers and

PTI Engineered Plastics announced MedAccred injection molding accreditation

PTI Engineered Plastics recently announced that it’s received MedAccred injection molding accreditation. To receive the accreditation, PTI (Macomb, Mich.) had to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to quality by satisfying customer requirements and industry specifications. “Achieving MedAccred injection molding accreditation is not easy: it is one of the ways in which the medical device industry identifies

GW Plastics acquires Ireland-based Avenue Mould Solutions

GW Plastics said today that it has bought Avenue Mould Solutions, a precision mold building, machining, and injection molding company based in Sligo, Ireland. The deal enables GW Plastics to have precision mold-making and advanced manufacturing capabilities in North America, Asia and Europe. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. “GW Plastics is thrilled to

Proto Labs announces on-demand molded production parts

Digital manufacturing company Proto Labs this week announced it has added new on-demand molding capabilities to address the needs of the low-volume, high-mix product segment. The idea is to address both prototyping and on-demand manufacturing needs. “Since every manufacturing project is different, our two injection molding options let customers begin to focus on what is really needed from

Comar acquires ProPlas Technologies

Packaging and dispensing provider Comar recently announced that it is enhancing its offerings through its acquisition of ProPlas Technologies, in yet another example of consolidation in the medical device contract manufacturing space. “Comar’s recent investments in a class 8 cleanroom and new innovation design center, combined with the acquisition of ProPlas, will position the business to

Quality validations for injection molded parts: What you need to know

Rena Ivory, Crescent Industries When working to validate injection molded components, it is essential to understand how your supplier can assist you with validation activities – sharing their expertise, experience and previous validation processes. Your company 510(k) application is a pre-market submission made to the FDA. This is done to demonstrate a device is safe, effective

How to avoid micro-molding pitfalls in bioabsorbable materials

Bioabsorbable material can be a nightmare to mold into tiny parts. But the process is manageable when the tool is properly designed. Lindsay Mann, MTD Micro Molding  Bioabsorbable materials could be one of the great medical developments of the early 21st century. The material is moldable, and while it’s doing its job inside the human

RJG to release latest process monitoring solution

RJG will release an injection molding processing software called CoPilot on July 17. It functions as a notification system, a communication tool and a coach to provide a simple and practical program that is so easy to use that technicians of all experience levels can consistently keep a process on template. The CoPilot observes actual machine

RJG hosts open house at new N.C. training facility

RJG and ZAG Equipment Sales hosted their first open house at RJG’s new training facility in Gibsonville, N.C. on May 17. There were 87 attendees who participated in a day-long schedule of activities. The purpose of the open house was to introduce RJG’s newest training facility, located in ZAG Equipment Sales’ facility, share current technical

Silicone and medical devices: 7 things you should know about it

Drew Rogers, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. Silicone’s popularity for use in medical devices has been growing.  This is due to its compatibility with bodily fluids and strong chemical structure. Advancements in medical polymers are also part of this push toward next-generation single-use medical devices, implants and packaging technology. In order to get the right material, configuration and

Micron Solutions boosts revenues, narrows losses in Q1

Precision medical device components maker Micron Solutions reported improvements with its finances during the first three months of 2017–even as it faced challenges related to validation requirements. “We have made several improvements in quality systems, capacity and our ability to meet customer requirements. We believe we have laid a solid foundation for further improvement and

Wabash MPI, Carver offering lab testing for press specifications

Press makers Wabash MPI and Carver, Inc. are touting their new laboratory for customer testing of LIM, compression molding and other applications. The lab is for application testing and development to determine press specifications. Presses available for testing include 2 Microlim machines with Graco #622 meter mix; a 30-ton Genesis compression press with proportional control