Groschopp Inc.







Groschopp Inc. is an American fractional horsepower electric motor and gearmotor manufacturer for OEMs and distributors.

Groschopp has a strong focus on making sure customers are a top priority. This is clearly displayed through the company’s website and their chat line to give immediate help. With all their departments under one roof, it’s easy to come together as a team to and solutions. Groschopp strives to provide excellent customer service.

Groschopp’s new motor search tool allows users to have more control of search parameters when choosing a motor or gearmotor. Unlike other tools in the industry, Groschopp’s search tool contains speed, torque and power settings that can be broadened or narrowed as needed. This allows users to more effectively search for a motor or gearmotor to their specifications.

Groschopp offers both standard catalog products and custom designs. With their proprietary software, they can quickly search through 150,000 possible design combinations. Customers also have the ability to begin virtually modifying their motor or gearmotor selections online through our “Customize It” tool.

Groschopp Inc.
420 15th St. NE
Sioux Center, IA 51250
Phone: 800.829.4135

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