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Herrmann Ultrasonics, the technology leader for ultrasonic welding technology, is a solution provider for industrial ultrasonic technology and your ideal partner for welding thermoplastic materials with ultrasonic vibrations.

Ultrasonic welding is used whenever two plastic parts have to be joined permanently: i.e. surgical tools, luehr adaptors, connectors, membranes but also medical infusion collectors, functional components, uid containers and hermetic housings.

Other typical applications include: medical packaging for disposable syringes, heat patches and inhalers. Laminating and embossing of nonwoven materials such as embossing of surgical facial masks, production of baby diapers, wound dressings and adhesive bandages.

The quality and safety standards of medical parts are very high: in addition to tightness, strength and minimal generation of particles, process validation and process stability also are important factors in manufacturing. Ultrasonic welding allows for outstanding process monitoring and traceability, as well as data acquisition.

Surgical tools
Strength, functionality and high-quality visual appearance are important requirements for surgical tools and devices. Typical applications: Grip plates of instruments, endoscopes, disposable clippers and devices for sclerotherapy.

Luehr adaptors and connectors
Unrestricted functionality, weld tightness, and particle purity, along with high outputs, are needed for these medical components. Typical applications: luehr adaptor, lock, connector, coupler, checkvalve and cuvette with luehr lock ttings. In addition, plug valve housing, piercing membrane and needle embedding.


Membranes are used for a large variety of tasks in medical and life science applications. These range from particle ltration in the eld of infusion, to cell and tissue culture growth, to various aeration and ventilation requirements. Membranes can be welded or bound by means of ultrasonics.

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