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Interpower® is the premier supplier of power system components offering a full line of North American and international products, including hospital-grade products, power cords and cord sets, IEC 60320 inlets and outlets, accessory power strips, power entry modules, cable, plugs and sockets, the International Power Source, plus more.

There are no minimum order requirements, same day shipping on in-stock products, and a 1-week U.S. manufacturing lead-time on non-stock Interpower products. All Interpower manufactured products are made in Iowa and 100% tested.

Design. Easy. Fast.
We at Interpower® want to make it easy for you to design, build, and maintain products for North American and worldwide markets—that’s our mission. We strive to provide our customers with quality products that delight—fast. Designing products with the global customer in mind can give a company a competitive advantage and may increase customer relations. It’s imperative that companies know that their products will function properly in the areas they are meant to be used.

As the premier supplier of AC power system
components, Interpower hospital-grade products are designed for use in medical settings throughout the world. We have an extensive range of clear, black, and gray plugs along with C13 and C19 connectors available in five different configurations (straight plus four angles). Connector locks can help prevent accidental removal or interruption. For those products that will be used in North America, they are UL and CSA approved and carry the green dot.

Additionally, we carry power cords and cord sets, accessory power strips, cable, IEC 60320
inlets and outlets, power entry modules and more! We offer value-added options such as custom packaging, labeling, cord lengths, and colors.

Interpower offers a 1-week U.S. manufacturing lead-time on non-stock products. We have same day shipments on in-stock products and no minimum order requirements. Interpower manufactured products are made in Iowa and 100% tested.

Free technical support at Interpower is available. Please check our website at, e-mail us at or contact Customer Service at (800) 662-2290.

Interpower® Group of Companies
P.O. Box 115, Oskaloosa, IA 52577-0115
Phone: (800) 662-2290



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