MTD Micro Molding


MTD Micro Molding is a focused micro medical device manufacturer that’s built for high performance in one area: the micro molding of advanced medical products. Medical Micro Molding is what we do.

And all we do. Our operation isn’t a small corner of a bigger plant; it’s our entire plant. MTD is vertically integrated with tooling operations and molding operations occurring under one roof and all molding and inspection takes place in an ISO Class 8 cleanroom environment.

Company History

MTD Micro Molding is the only U.S. company 100% dedicated to micro molding. Founded in 1972 as Miniature Tool & Die, Inc., MTD quickly established itself as a leading manufacturer of miniature connector molds for the electronics industry. Today, MTD Micro Molding is fully dedicated to the medical industry and continues to grow. In our facility in Massachusetts, our team of designers and engineers work together under one roof to mold microscopic components for the medical industries. Our expert staff continues to lead the way in designing and manufacturing micro molded products at the micron level, for components of nano weight, creating some of the tiniest and most precise medical device components in the world.

100% Medical. 100% Micro.

MTD is a contract manufacturer exclusively for the medical device industry. 20% of new projects come to us as “rescues” – failed attempts by others. Our success rate with these rescue projects? 100%.

80% of the components we produce are implantable products, with 75% of those being bioresorbable applications. Micro medical devices produced by MTD Micro Molding support a variety of medical categories: Cardiac, Biomed Pharma, Pharmaceutical, Neurosurgical, Bronchoscopy, Oncology, Urology, Orthopedic, Endoscopy, Ears-Nose-Mouth, Acupuncture, Drug Delivery, Gastrointestinal, Men’s and Women’s Health and other areas to help improve life. Thermoplastic examples include permanent screws, micro links, ejector rings and bioresorbable examples include absorbable stents, staples, and screws.

Ultra-Precision Micro Molding

Micromolded parts can be so small you can only see them with a microscope or be as large as 1”x1” and possessing micro features.


MTD Micro Molding
15 Trolley Crossing Rd
Charlton, MA 01507
Phone: 508.248.0111



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