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Pexco Minneapolis has become a leading manufacturing partner for medical device companies requiring biocomposite and bioresorbable plastics processing expertise.

Pexco Medical’s injection-molding and micromolding solutions across the full range of bioresorbable, Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), Polyphenylsulfone (PSSU) and other implantable materials has helped further metal replacement in surgical components and systems.

Pexco Medical has helped companies develop products in the orthopedic, sports medicine, wound closure, micro vascular, and reconstructive surgery markets over the last 15 years, honing delicate skill in material handling, processing, and design for manufacturability of these complex plastic components parts and assemblies. Materials such as PLLA, PDLG, PLC PLG and other like derivatives including those composites supportive of bone growth pose unique preparation, processing and handling challenges due to their chemical makeup. Pexco Minneapolis spent years developing this expertise into serving as a trusted partner for medical companies requiring such components in their devices and product solutions.

Pexco is an ISO 13485 registered medical plastics manufacturer of tight tolerance injection-molded, extruded, machine- finished and sub-assembly medical device solutions. Both U.S. and Mexico plant operations supply precision medical plastic parts for leading medical companies and affiliates addressing orthopedic, cardiology, vascular, blood management, and other life science product applications.

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DeviceTalks West: Expertise you need to know

textadimage Medical device suppliers are light years away from the days when they merely filled orders to spec for medtech OEMs – as a visit to the upcoming DeviceTalks West will quickly confirm.

From incorporating steerability into catheters to getting validation and testing done right, the companies serving the medical device industry have become specialized experts in their own right.

Read on to discover five example of medical device expertise to be had at DeviceTalks West, which runs Dec. 11–12 in Orange County, Calif.

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