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SAB North America is the North American sales, distribution, and service center of SAB Bröckskes located in Viersen, Germany- the leading manufacturer and distributor of cables worldwide since 1947. We house a wide-ranging line of European and Domestic products in stock for immediate delivery and have the shortest manufacturing lead times in the industry.

For over 60 years SAB has not only provided our customers with a wide array of wire, cable, & accessories but also impeccable, unmatched service. Call one of our representatives or visit our website to experience our commitment to solving your problems faster than you think.

SAB North America is known in more than 40 countries and often specified by name. SAB’s adherence to product quality has proven itself in thousands of the world’s most demanding applications.

Our products are produced at our facility in Viersen, Germany ensuring a strictly controlled manufacturing environment producing consistently high quality products. They have been intensively tested for over 60 years and have proven to have a longer service life and are of an overall better quality than similar products on the market.

SPECIALTY: The strength of SAB lies in the development and manufacturing of special products that meet and exceed our customers’ exacting specifications. Many capabilities can be achieved by selecting different combinations of jacketing, shielding, conductor, and insulation materials. Our competences are extensive including various jacketing materials (PVC, Polyurethane, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Silicon, Polypropylene, FEP, ETFE, XLPE) and any combination of components such as power, control, signal, communication, and coax. Additionally adding pneumatic, hydraulic or air hoses are a possibility to make any cable perfect for your specific requirements. We have designed more than 2,000 specialty cables in the past year with great success in an assortment of diverse functionalities. SAB’s long history of flexible cable manufacturing enables us to provide cables for almost any application.

STANDARD: At SAB North America, we stock a wide ranging line of European and Domestic wire, cable, and cable accessory products available for immediate delivery from our location in Fairfield, NJ. Our catalog contains a line of cables ranging from Flexible Control Cables and Continuous Flex Cables to Tray Cables and Halogen-Free Cables to name a few. SAB is pleased to offer worldwide approvals including UL, CSA, CE, and VDE Certifications to most of the product line.

ACCESSORIES: SAB also offers an extensive inventory and product line of high-quality cable accessories. The variety of polyamide and nickel plated brass Cord Grips, EMC Cable Glands, and other accessories complement our flexible control and automation cables perfectly.

SERVICE: With unmatched levels of customer service and an extensive in-stock inventory, SAB North America offers immediate off-the-shelf delivery on most of its cables. Specialty cables can be designed, manufactured, and delivered in just a few weeks.

For clarifications, details or explanations about any of our products and how they can be used in your specific applications, give one of our experienced Sales Staff a call.

Visit our website,, to experience our commitment to solving your problems faster than you think possible.

SAB North America
344 Kaplan Drive Fairfield NJ 07004
Phone: 973-276-0500
Fax: 973-276-1515
Toll Free: 866-722-2974

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