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Servometer is the leading developer and manufacturer of electrodeposited miniature metal bellows responsible for “making the impossible, possible” in critical medical applications. It’s a solutions driven company providing premier custom products such as miniature bellows, bellows assemblies, contact springs, flexible shaft couplings, and structurally rigid electroforms. Today, Servometer precision products are used in hundreds of medical applications like catheter tip molds, infusion pumps, drug delivery, surgical instruments, implantable devices and more. The possibilities are as diverse as the research and development projects.

Company History

Servometer has been designing and manufacturing precision engineered electrodeposited metal bellows since 1957. The two engineers who founded the company were responsible for developing and patenting a unique manufacturing technology- electrodeposition. What began as small precision metal bellows now includes flexible shaft couplings, gold plated electrical contacts, rigid electroforms and sub-assemblies. In 2007 Servometer acquired BellowsTech, a premiere manufacturer of edge welded metal bellows. The two technologies complement each other in size, compatibility, pressure and temperature limitations without sacrificing performance.

Hallmark Manufacturing Process

Servometer® employs a proven, electrodeposition manufacturing process to produce parts in unusual shapes with close tolerances that are extremely light weight, and sensitive. Electroforming is the process of depositing thin layers of metal onto a mandrel through electroplating, dissolving the mandrel chemically, and leaving the plating as the final electroformed product. Servometer’s custom designed products are typically made of electrodeposited nickel, copper, gold or combinations of all three. The resulting electroforms are thin walled, hollow metal parts as small as 0.20 inches (.5 mm) in diameter; 0.24 inches (.6 mm) in length and .0003 inches (.008 mm) thick.

Free Engineering Assistance

Servometer takes pride in developing the highest level of quality products from design through production to delivery. A technical team of engineers is available to act as an extension of an OEM’s design team to help optimize designs and to meet specific application requirements. Servometer electroforms can be made to meet almost any design challenge. Servometer is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Phone: 973.785.4630

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