GW Plastics introduces in-house LSR tooling

With the benefits of in-house mold design-and-build, GW Plastics announces the expansion of in-house, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) tooling at their affiliate, GW Silicones. Shortly after founding GW Silicones, the company realized that offering in-house tooling capabilities would maximize efficiency and component quality, as well as improve responsiveness to clients. Understanding the differences and complexities of

Vention video tutorials for how to use PET heat shrink tubing

Vention Medical has created an advanced polymer that generates countless possibilities and uses within the medical device world. These five short video tutorials (just 30-90 seconds each) demonstrate how to use PET heat shrink tubing, which combines incredible strength and durability with extremely thin walls. Vention provides tip and tricks for using its PET heat shrink

ApiFix reaches another milestone in AIS treatment with its new device

ApiFix Ltd. announces that the company’s ApiFix system has now been used to correct scoliosis in 50 adolescents since the system was approved for marketing in Europe on June 15, 2015. ApiFix is a commercial-stage company that has developed the CE-marked ApiFix System, a non-fusion minimally invasive treatment alternative for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. “There is

Tegra Medical offers quick wire and hypotubing fix

Device prototyping and tests often need wire and hypotubing in short order. Providing a solution to this need, Tegra Medical presents its online store. Order for standard wire and hypotubing that are in store and inventory lengths can be shipped by 1 p.m. EST for next-day delivery. The materials available include: • Steel Wire • Nitinol

Albright Technologies introduces silicone injection molding for prototypes

Albright Technologies announced the introduction of liquid silicone injection molding services for prototype and low volume production purposes. The addition of this product offering will enhance the company’s capabilities in the silicone prototype and production molding markets. Albright has recently acquisitioned several injection molding presses for its operation. All of the presses purchased are suited

Strength reinforcing technology for next-gen resorbable orthopaedic products

Proxy Biomedical recently announced Proxy Bio-XT, a strength reinforcing technology that offers a solution to developers of next generation resorbable orthopaedic products. The proprietary processing technology optimizes the microstructure of biomaterials to enable greater than 100% strength gain in resorbable implantables using the same resorbable material grades as those used in current products. By achieving