New micro processing sub system makes technological leap industrially suitable

SCANLAB AG is introducing a 5-axis micro-processing subsystem to the market. This scanner-based solution enables highly dynamic and precise fabrication of flexibly definable geometries. precSYS’s five axes deliver a true technological leap with maximum flexibility and entirely new possibilities to develop and execute processes superior to typical percussion drilling, spiral drilling and trepanning. The system

Zeus expands PTFE profiles for Medical Applications

Zeus Aeos ePTFE products are made by expanding extruded PTFE, under controlled conditions, during the manufacturing process. This process alters the physical properties of the product by creating microscopic pores in the structure of the material. The resulting product is imparted with unique physical properties that make it ideal for use in a host of

Anatomy of the Direct Metal Printing Process

Direct Metal Printing uses additive manufacturing technology. In the machine, a high-precision laser is directed to metal powder particles in order to selectively build up thin subsequent horizontal metal layers. The metal powder particles pinpointed by the laser quickly and fully melt so that the new material properly attaches to the previous layer, without glue

Teleflex Medical OEM expands production capacity for bioresorbable sutures, fibers, and resins

Teleflex Medical OEM announced a significant expansion of its manufacturing infrastructure and production capabilities for bioresorbable sutures, fibers, and resins. The multi-million dollar investment at the Mansfield, Massachusetts facility includes expanded production and clean room areas, a new customer support center, and additional areas for research and development activities. “The Mansfield expansion exemplifies our commitment

Teleflex Medical OEM expands its extrusion capabilities with the addition of PEEK Thermoplastic

Teleflex Medical OEM announced the addition of PEEK (polyether ether ketone) to its extensive portfolio of specialty materials for medical technology. PEEK’s incredible strength and outstanding mechanical properties combined with Teleflex Medical OEM’s vertically integrated product development and manufacturing capabilities opens up new options for the designers of medical devices. PEEK is known throughout the

Spun PTFE make a fabric for filters, covering stents, and more

Zeus Bioweb is a material produced by electrospinning PTFE into polymeric fibers with extremely small thicknesses that range from nano- to microscale. These electrospun fibers form materials producing a broad range of fiber and fabric properties. Electrospun membrane products and covering are suitable for medical and industrial applications, including specialty filtration media and coverings for

Vention video tutorials for how to use PET heat shrink tubing

Vention Medical has created an advanced polymer that generates countless possibilities and uses within the medical device world. These five short video tutorials (just 30-90 seconds each) demonstrate how to use PET heat shrink tubing, which combines incredible strength and durability with extremely thin walls. Vention provides tip and tricks for using its PET heat shrink

Moving magnet and optical linear scale make for a small linear slide

IKO Nano Linear NT is a direct drive positioning table with a low sectional height and light weight. A moving magnet and an optical linear scale are assembled in a moving table made of steel which functions as a magnet yoke. A stator coil and linear-scale sensor are combined with a steel bed which acts

Noxilizer’s NOX FLEX Rapid Biodecontamination system to be featured at ACHEMA World Forum

Noxilizer, Inc., the company advancing a room temperature, NO2 based sterilization and decontamination process for bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers announced that NOX FLEX Rapid Bio-decontamination units will be on display in the Getinge Infection Control booth as a new option for the decontamination of isolator systems and lock-chambers. Getinge has branded the unit STERITRACE III, Noxilizer Inside. Isolators

Self-lubricating plastic bearing for continuous high rotational speeds

The new iglide L500 material is suitable for applications in fans and electric motors, among others. With the new iglide L500 material, igus, the motion plastics expert, has announced the release of their newest specialist bearing solution, ideally suited for continuous operation in high-speed rotation applications under low loads. The L500 material combines extraordinary wear

Rotary drum coating technology conquers the market

More and more customers are choosing the rotary drum technology for coating their mass-produced small plastic and rubber components. Within just a few years the sales of the Walther Trowal Rotamat coating systems have increased several fold. At the DKT/IRC 2015 the company is introducing its redesigned Rotamat R80, which compared to its predecessor model

KNF Neuberger adds powerful, compact OEM pumps

KNF Neuberger, Inc. announces an extension to the line of brushless DC powered NFB boxer pumps with the addition of two compact models. The new NFB 5 and NFB 25 feature low pulsation, gentle transfer of liquids from 5 – 300 mL/min per head, and cost savings thanks to efficient design and long product life.

MSC Software’s MaterialCenter 2015 delivers material data integration

MSC Software announced the new release of MaterialCenter 2015. MaterialCenter 2015 is a truly out-of-the-box Material Process and Data Lifecycle Management solution with direct integration into CAE applications that engineers regularly use.     CAE Material Model Support Generate CAE models for the most popular CAE solver directly from MaterialCenter. Support for individual and batch generation

Noble Biomaterials combats global issue of Healthcare Associated Infections

Noble Biomaterials develops, manufactures and markets advanced antimicrobial technologies designed to manage all forms of bacterial contamination. Headquartered in Scranton, Penn., with additional offices in Europe, Asia and South America, the company has more than 200 global licensees for products in the medical, defense, industrial and consumer markets. Technologies from Noble Biomaterials are emerging as

Bayer launches new polycarbonate blend for wearable medical devices

Wearable medical devices increasingly are called upon to perform a variety of important tasks, such as monitoring vital signs or delivering drugs. As their wider use grows, so too does the need for materials that satisfy the unique requirements of these devices. To serve this growing market, Bayer MaterialScience LLC has introduced a new polycarbonate