MTD Micro Molding expands overmolding capabilities

MTD Micro Molding recently purchased a new vertical injection molding machine to expand its overmolding services. The machine is designed to allow for further customization for higher capacity overmolding. Overmolding is a process that involves two or more materials that are molded together to become on part. Without the use of adhesives, greater part functionality can

5 things you need to know about rapid injection molding

By Roger Spurrell, Tooling Manager, Vaupell Rapid Solutions Here are five things you should consider when deciding to use rapid injection molding as part of your development process. A every custom injection molder will tell you, “There’s no such thing as an easy part.” When you add in the need for speed the trade-offs start

Expanding design horizons with gas-assist molding

Scott Rishell, Mack Molding Gas-assist molding, the process of using nitrogen gas pressure to fully form a part, increases design and manufacturing options for injection molded components. Traditional plastic processing brings design and manufacturing benefits through repeatable, high-volume and high-quality part production coupled with cost reductions, but its versatility can be expanded in certain scenarios

What is micromolding?

Micromolding is a very specialized art form. It is the tiny-scale molding form of injection molding that entails building a cavity to match the shape of the part you want to make, sort of like the plastic molding that makes Lego bricks. Very small, high precision plastic molding goes into micromolding for medical devices, according

The trouble with tooling LSR and how to get molding costs down

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is great for medical device applications, but is the tooling worth the trouble? Dave Theiss, Robin Industries Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is a sought-after material for medical applications. But there are tooling challenges and expenses associated with LSR that need to be understood by medical manufacturers looking to use the material.

MTD Micro Molding makes Inc. 5000 list

MTD Micro Molding (Charlton, Mass.) has announced that it has made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for the second time. The company has had a growth of 48% over the last three years and has been ranked at 4735 because of it. “I am so proud of my team,” Dennis Tully, president of

4 questions to ask when the mold will not fill right

A pressure sensor can be a big help when your mold isn’t filling properly. Here are four questions to ask when shopping for the right sensor. Shane VandeKerkhof, RJG Some molding problems can be diagnosed with a little pressure data from inside the mold. But whether you’re new to molding or a seasoned veteran trying to

Medbio expands implant molding capabilities

Medbio has announced that it has launched another dedicated implant molding cell to help expand the company’s injection molding offerings. “We’re excited about our growth and the expanded capabilities in implantable components,” said John Woodhouse, director of sales and marketing for Medbio. “We’ve increased our capacity to meet the growing needs of our customers and

RJG launches teaching program for mold design

RJG recently provided high school students with hands-on, real-world experience when it came to designing and launching a mold for use in the company’s North Carolina training facility. To launch the mold, RJG’s TZERO team used a four-cavity puzzle mold to address all mold and part design issues through flow simulation before the mold was

GW Plastics acquires Ireland-based Avenue Mould Solutions

GW Plastics said today that it has bought Avenue Mould Solutions, a precision mold building, machining, and injection molding company based in Sligo, Ireland. The deal enables GW Plastics to have precision mold-making and advanced manufacturing capabilities in North America, Asia and Europe. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. “GW Plastics is thrilled to

Proto Labs announces on-demand molded production parts

Digital manufacturing company Proto Labs this week announced it has added new on-demand molding capabilities to address the needs of the low-volume, high-mix product segment. The idea is to address both prototyping and on-demand manufacturing needs. “Since every manufacturing project is different, our two injection molding options let customers begin to focus on what is really needed from

GW Plastics expands multi-shot molding capabilities

GW Plastics announced that it has expanded its multi-shot molding capabilities to keep up with its growing medical device business. The company purchased a number of automated multi-shot machines that are set to be installed in the summer. Multi-shot molding offers improved ergonomics and performance for medical devices that benefit healthcare companies. Multi-shot molding is

How to avoid micro-molding pitfalls in bioabsorbable materials

Bioabsorbable material can be a nightmare to mold into tiny parts. But the process is manageable when the tool is properly designed. Lindsay Mann, MTD Micro Molding  Bioabsorbable materials could be one of the great medical developments of the early 21st century. The material is moldable, and while it’s doing its job inside the human

RJG to release latest process monitoring solution

RJG will release an injection molding processing software called CoPilot on July 17. It functions as a notification system, a communication tool and a coach to provide a simple and practical program that is so easy to use that technicians of all experience levels can consistently keep a process on template. The CoPilot observes actual machine

Micron Solutions boosts revenues, narrows losses in Q1

Precision medical device components maker Micron Solutions reported improvements with its finances during the first three months of 2017–even as it faced challenges related to validation requirements. “We have made several improvements in quality systems, capacity and our ability to meet customer requirements. We believe we have laid a solid foundation for further improvement and