How Norman Noble is furthering medical device manufacturing


Norman Noble (Highland Heights, Ohio) continues to innovate in the medical device manufacturing space through capabilities including its Noble SynchroFlash Machining and Noble STEALTH (System To Enable Ablation Laser Technology Haz-free).

Norman Noble’s SynchroFlash Machining uses Swiss turning and milling with laser machining. It provides cost savings with faster production times and a better quality of products. The SynchroFlash Machining can hold tolerances of +/- .0001” that reduces the need for secondary operations. The machining components also specialize in a variety of materials including stainless steel, titanium, nitinol, tantalum, cobalt chrome and PEEK implants. This machining is used for some small and complex medical devices in the industry, including eye implants, bone screws, heart implants, neuromuscular devices and dental TADs. The Swiss machining department works with Process Validation to offer IQ-OQ, MSV and PQ qualification and validation.

The Noble STEALTH is an ultrashort pulse (USP) laser that can reduce or eliminate costly demurring and post-processing steps. The laser also does not generate any heat-affected zone. It produces laser cut kerfs with a width of .00045” in NiTinol and .00025” in bioabsorbable materials. The Noble STEALTH’s thermal laser machining process increases the quality and yield of products. It has been beneficial to the manufacturing of stents and  other medical device applications like drug delivery systems, catheter devices, valves and needles, according to the company.

Norman Noble

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DeviceTalks West: Expertise you need to know

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