Wearable device gives real-time posture feedback to Parkinson’s patients

University of Houston researchers have developed a smartphone-based biofeedback rehabilitation system – a wearable device designed to help people with Parkinson’s disease. The research team developed the Smarter Balance System (SBS) to help guide patients through balance exercises while using wearable technology. It is designed to help people regain stable balance and confidence in doing

Theraclion touts Echopulse thyroid nodule treatment results

Theraclion says its Echopulse has shown improved outcomes when treating thyroid nodules when compared to surgical treatment, according to new published data. Three studies – led byDr. Brian Hung-Hin Lang, chief of the endocrine surgery division at Queen Mary University Hospital in Hong Kong – showed the efficiency of using the Echopulse for non-invasive treatment

6 brain-controlled devices helping people regain movement

People who have lost feeling in their limbs or have lost the ability to move them may soon have those sensations restored thanks to a slew of recent brain-controlled device innovations. While we are moving toward less invasive methods such as electrode-filled caps on the head, there are still more invasive implants that are benefiting

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10 new crowdfunded health devices that will intrigue you

With crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, companies can obtain the funding for ideas they want to come to life (even potato salad parties), with the promise of something in return to the donors. And while crowdfunding presents challenges for regulated medical devices, it’s proven to be a boon for startups touting potentially innovative health and

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Stuffed animal has lifelike heartbeat to aid Alzheimer’s patients

A couple of University of Illinois students have created a startup called Therapalz to give soothing vibrations, sounds, movement and a lifelike heartbeat within a stuffed animal for Alzheimer’s patients. The 2 students, junior systems engineering and design major Fiona Kalensky and junior marketing major Isak Massman, designed the companion animal for a student organization Design

Minimally-invasive migraine treatment for adults works on kids, too

Migraine treatment that has been safe for adults has recently proven to be safe for use in children as well. The minimally-invasive treatment only takes a few minutes for children and teenagers to be able to feel the effects. The treatment involves a sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) block that does not need needles. It uses a

Philips has a value argument for new image guided therapy platform

Royal Philips has announced the launch of its next generation image-guided therapy platform, deemed Azurion. Philips designed the platform to allow clinicians to easily perform a variety of routine and complex procedures. Meant for use in interventional labs, Azurion is but another example of medical device products with a strong value-based sales pitch around controlling costs

New study to evaluate virtual rehabilitation platform for physical therapy after total knee replacement surgery

Reflexion Health, a digital healthcare company, in conjunction with the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) announced the enrollment of the first patients in Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation In-home Therapy: A Research Study (VERITAS), which is designed to evaluate the cost and outcomes of using a virtual rehabilitation platform to deliver physical therapy following total knee replacement

ZDi Solutions receives FDA approval for patented proton therapy and conventional radiation therapy positioning devices

ZDi Solutions announced that it has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its Z-System patient positioning devices for proton therapy and conventional radiation therapy. The company announced in late September that it has begun marketing both in the U.S. and internationally. The system is comprised of the Z-Box, Z-Square and Z-Tilt.

Electromed introduces expanded SmartVest garment and SmartVest SQL generator colors to product line

Electromed announced the expansion of its SmartVest SQL Airway Clearance System product line to include new SmartVest garment and SQL generator colors, offering patients with chronic impaired airway clearance more opportunities to personalize their HFCWO therapy experience. The expanded SmartVest garment and SQL generator colors debuted at the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference in Orlando,

Freudenberg Medical introduces new medical device technologies for accelerating time to market

Freudenberg Medical, a global developer and manufacturer of medical devices, components, and minimally invasive solutions for the medical device industry, announces three new technologies for medical device companies looking to accelerate time to market with a novel device, design, and process solution. Introduced today at Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics Conference (TCT), the annual scientific symposium of

Cleveland Clinic unveils its picks for the medical innovations most likely to be game changers

Smart cars that reduce accidents and injuries. Immunotherapy that helps kids beat cancer without chemo. Stents that harmlessly dissolve when their work is done. These are some of the innovations that will enhance healing and change healthcare in the coming year, according to a distinguished panel of doctors and researchers. Cleveland Clinic today announced the

New hope for recovery of hand movement for stroke patients

Stroke patients are starting a trial of a new electronic device to recover movement and control of their hand. Neuroscientists at Newcastle University have developed the device, the size of a mobile phone, which delivers a series of small electrical shocks followed by an audible click to strengthen brain and spinal connections. The experts believe

New custom compression garment by L&R for lymphedema and edema patients

Lohmann & Rauscher USA (L&R), a manufacturer and supplier of innovative compression therapy products, has recently launched the new ExoCustom custom flat-knit daywear therapeutic garment at the 12th International National Lymphedema Network (NLN) Conference in Dallas beginning of September. ExoCustom garments are made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and are an extension of L&R’s existing Exo line

ScandiDos unveils Delta4 Synthesis at ASTRO Annual Meeting in Boston

ScandiDos, a company in Quality Assurance (QA) and dosimetry for modern radiation therapy, unveils the world’s first and only Non-Extrapolated Radiation Accuracy Measurement system, Delta4 Synthesis and Express Measure, at the ASTRO Annual Meeting on September 25 to 27 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Delta4 Synthesis combines Delta4 Phantom+ and Delta4 Discover, FDA 510(k)