Surgeon entrepreneur bets on virtual reality to boost surgical training

Dr. Justin Barad is a gamer, so it makes sense he would be drawn to virtual reality. As a high schooler, Barad started the computer science team. He interned at Activision, and was all set to be a game developer. But then Barad started to think about how he could help people. He ended up

Leica Microsystems launches new technologies to augment surgeon visualization

Leica Microsystems is launching a new generation of augmented reality imaging technologies for surgical microscopes at the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) Annual Scientific Meeting this year in Los Angeles. The augmented reality imaging technologies are designed to supplement microscope views to support surgical decision-making and help teach neurosurgical procedures. Leica Microsystems’ approach to

3D printed babies could help train surgeons: Here’s how

An Eindhoven University of Technology PhD candidate is using 3D printing to create realistic models of baby skeletons and other organs to help train surgeons. Mark Thielen created an infant mannequin prototype that had realistic bones and organs. The model had a 3D printed heart with functioning valves and lungs that could breath like real

These 7 virtual reality companies want to innovate healthcare

Virtual reality is no longer just for pilots to simulate flying – or for more realistic gaming experiences. Virtual reality is helping to shape the healthcare industry by offering immersive programs to help train surgeons and students for a variety of surgical procedures. Surgeons can train for different procedures, and clinicians are also using virtual

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Meet the latest medical augmented reality company in the U.S.

A German company called Scopis is breaking into the U.S. market with its surgical navigation systems, which use augmented reality technology to guide surgeons along mapped-out pathways. Scopis (Berlin) said Monday that it has established a presence in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with the help of the German government’s German Accelerator Life Sciences (GALS) program. The company

Touch Surgery simulations are even more amazing: Here’s how

Touch Surgery, which already boasts a community of 1.5 million using its mobile surgical simulations, is upping its game when it comes to making the platform even more immersive. Touch on Friday announced a partnership with DAQRI to add augmented reality capabilities to the simulations using  DAQRI smart glasses. “To date, we have delivered our

Survey: The fractured state of enterprise sales enablement and training

According to a recent Allego survey, 73% of salespeople in the medical/pharmaceutical industry believe insights from reps in the field would improve the sales enablement process at their company. Allego’s Inaugural Sales Enablement and Training Survey offers insight into the disconnect between current sales enablement and training programs and what’s needed to drive performance in

UL training courses now available from MasterControl

UL EduNeering courses, the global gold standard for Quality & Compliance eLearning programs, are now available directly from MasterControl, a leading global provider of electronic quality management systems (EQMS) and quality consulting services. The SCORM-compliant Quality & Compliance Essentials courses, available via the MasterControl Training module, are sets of self-paced eLearning courses that are targeted