Wellness entrepreneur explains his vision – and surviving a deadly brain tumor


Avi Yaron entrepreneur

[Image courtesy of TEDx Amsterdam]

Avi Yaron is no ordinary entrepreneur, but he is definitely an engineer. When diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, he met the challenge by inventing the solution to his own illness.

Instead of optic mechanics, he used small silicon chips that mimic an insect eye. These enabled a camera to provide access to both the right and left portions of the brain within a few millimeters — which is what the surgeon needed to more accurately operate. Thus was born VisionSense.

From there sprung a transition that has catapulted him to found  JoyVentures Inc. to aid and support neuroscience businesses such as Biolert, and others.

EE World editor, Aimee Kalnoskas shared her recent podcast with Medical Design and Outsourcing to gain insight into Yaron’s extraordinary story and his vision for the future of wellness.

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