The 11 most innovative medical devices of 2017


5. BrainScope Co.: BrainScope One

brainscope one

[Image from Brainscope]

BrainScope One is an FDA-cleared comprehensive head injury assessment device developed by BrainScope Co. The device enables urgent care physicians to objectively assess brain injuries, including concussions. It is handheld, easy-to-use and is based off of EEG technology. It is non-invasive and painless and can be used on patients aged 18–85 years old within three days of a head injury, according to the company. The device measures and interprets brain electrical activity and neurocognitive function for physicians to make clinical diagnoses.

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  1. Balint Franko says:

    I’d like to know how did you measure “innovative” properties of a medical device? What was the standard for measurement? Your list, looks very subjective and misleading.

    • Chris Newmarker says:

      Thanks for the comment, Balint. The list includes the 11 medical technology nominees for the 11th Annual Prix Galien USA Award from the Galien Foundation. They said the nominees were chosen by a judging committee of “13 renowned leaders from the biomedical industry and academia, including four Nobel Laureates.” So I guess if there was any subjectivity on their part, it was Nobel Laureate–level subjectivity.

      • Agree with Franko – for example, a hyaluronic acid lip filler is really not new in any way.

        • Chris Newmarker says:

          Thanks for the comment, Karin. So you think the Prix Galien USA Awards aren’t highlighting innovation the way they should?

  2. These 11 innovations are great for the medical field.

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