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[Image courtesy of Prellis Biologics]

Prellis Biologics

San Francisco

Founded: 2016


Prellis Biologics is a human tissue engineering company developing a proprietary laser-based 3D printing technology to create functional human organs and tissues. The technology focuses on building microvasculature to ensure organs are properly supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Cofounders Melanie Matheu and Noelle Mullin say they can build microvasculature and additional layers of tissue with near instantaneous speeds and single-cell precision.

Organs can be built directly from CAD files, enabling the use of real human vascular and cellular data to create complex functional organs, including kidneys, livers and lungs. The company estimates the technology will provide a life-saving option for more than 90 million people in the United States on waitlists for organ donors living with a form of organ failure or dysfunction.

–Heather Thompson, Senior Editor

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