2016 January Digital Edition Medical Design and Outsourcing


In this issue of Medical Design and Outsourcing

  • Leadership in Medical Technology Issue
  • 1 in 7 – Women in Medtech. Women account for about 78% of the workforce in healthcare but are only 1 in 7 of the industry’s executive officers.
  • Printing prosthetics and guiding a surgeon’s knife
    3D printers have found homes in hospitals and healthcare facilities by printing custom fit and durable prosthetics along with models of organs displaying tumors that will improve surgical outcomes.
  • A closer look at micro-molding: Big possibilities in small details Most medical-device designers are unfamiliar with the fine limits of micromolding. For instance, today’s capability can shape parts with details down to 0.005 in. But even that limit may give way with more recent developments.

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