7 wearable medtech companies from the Wearable Technology Show


Aparito is using wearable devices to monitor patients and help push toward paperless clinical trials. [Image from Aparito]

Aparito uses wearable technology for patient monitoring

Aparito uses wearable and disease-specific mobile apps to monitor patients from outside of a hospital. The company is exhibiting at the Wearable Technology Show 2017.

The platform offers two wearable devices that track multiple things, including steps, distance, calories, movement type, skin temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, heart rate, sleep patterns and offers reminders.

Patients wear a wearable device that is able to collect data and sends it to an app or to authorized clinical staff who are able to review the information in real-time.

The wearables also have a feature that reminds patients to follow prescribed treatment protocols and tracks the doses taken (Medication Adherence). It can also measure whether patients are attending appointments (Visit Monitoring) and score the quality of life of a patient (Patient Reported Outcomes).

Aparito’s wearable devices are also helping to conduct clinical trials anytime and anywhere by remotely collecting data.



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