9 exhibitors to check out at MD&M Minneapolis


3. Excelitas Technologies: OmniCure UV Curing Systems

Excelitas LX500

Excelitas Technologies will be showcasing its OmniCure UV curing systems designed for medical device manufacturers at MD&M Minneapolis.

Some of the products that will be on display include the OmniCure LX500 UV LED spot curing system, OmniCure S2000 UV spot curing lamp systems and OmniCure AC5 Series UV LED systems.

LX500 UV LED spot curing system is designed with four LED heads with up to 16W/cm2 peak irradiance and feedback technology. It also has optical stability using Intelli-Lamp LED technology for consistent and repeated assembly of medical devices. It ideal for use in medical devices like catheters, cannulas, endoscopes and syringes.

The S2000 UV spot curing lamp system can be used for adhesive curing in medical device bonding applications. It has fast and strong cures of UV adhesives for rapid production and lower manufacturing costs.

Booth #1729
Excelitas Technologies

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