9 exhibitors to check out at MD&M Minneapolis


7. Hermann Ultrasonics: Ultrasonic plastic welding machine


[Image from Hermann Ultrasonics]

Hermann Ultrasonics will be showcasing its HiQ Dialog ultrasonic plastic welding machine at MD&M Minneapolis this year.

Since cycle time, change over and downtime are three factors that affect manufacturing efficiency, the HiQ Dialog looks to optimize those factors and speed up manufacturing.

The HiQ Dialog has a programmable stroke selection that can be adjusted for needed weld tasks and the sizes of the applications being welded. The SoftTouch mode reduces damage to sensitive joins by bringing a quick approach with a gentle touch to applications, according to the company. It also features a quick-change system and an optional hinged tool change cover that helps quickly mount the ultrasonic stack in less than a minute.

HiQ Dialog also features a DataRecorder that is used for recording and archiving all weld process values and process parameters. The software meets FDA 21CFR Part 11 criteria and allows for user authentication and a documented audit trail of activities.

Hermann Ultrasonics welding also uses 75% less energy than thermal joining processes. The ultrasonic vibrations are applied to joint areas for milliseconds during welding. The Ultraplast digital ultrasonic generator has a high degree of efficiency at over 80% when powered using up to 6,200 W.

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Hermann Ultrasonics

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