9 exhibitors to check out at MD&M Minneapolis


8. Raumedic: Silicone solutions

Raumedic plans to show off its silicone injection molding and extrusion of high-grade raw material.

“As we provide both silicone and thermoplastic manufacturing capabilities, we can offer an unlimited number of solutions to our customers. Our material science knowledge combined with the Raumedic production expertise allows us to enhance existing products, too,” Tom Moore, technical sales manager, said in a press release.

Raumedic processes a wide variety of thermoplastics like nylons, polyurethanes, high-performance plastics like PEEK and PSU and silicones. It manufactures single and multi-lumen tubing, fine wire jacketing, coextrusion, micromolding, insert molding, silicone pump segments, automated assembly solutions and custom compounding of polymers.

Booth #1730

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