ACell launches Gentrix Incisional for surgical site reinforcement


ACell-logoACell recently announced that it has launched its Gentrix Incisional implantable device that is designed to reinforce soft tissue in surgical site incisions.

Gentrix Incisional uses ACell’s MatriStem UBM technology to reinforce soft tissues. It is an extracellular matrix that helps remodel site-appropriate functional tissue where scarring normally occurs. Gentrix Incisional creates a scaffold for cellular infiltration and neovascularization to occur.

The company suggests that the device could be best used to reinforce primary closure of soft tissue in different surgical settings.

“Gentrix Incisional is ideal for surgical cases where there are concerns about the integrity of the soft tissue repair,” Thomas W. Gilbert, chief science officer at ACell, said in a press release. “It is targeted for patients and procedures where additional reinforcement of primary closure is desired.”

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