AMETEK MICROjammer Blowers offer precise control of air flow for your air-pillow packaging equipment


Ametek-Blower-1-279x300AMETEK’s MICROjammer series of high-performance, variable-speed brushless DC blowers may be a near-perfect choice of air mover for a medical devices such as treatment for bed sores, or as an air pillow packager. Historically the most compact and efficient unit in its class, the latest state-of-the-art version with full-wave controller allows an unparalleled amount of end user functional control, integrated directly into the blower itself. No separate electronic controller module is required. Maximum speed set and high pressure operation are ideal for inflation applications. And electric braking makes precise fill of pillow packaging easy Other onboard features that work together to boost packaging equipment performance and reliability include:

• Current limit

• Over-temperature protection

• Locked-rotor protection


Full-wave electronic speed controller improves end-user control while
preserving the MICROjammer’s high performance and compact design.


MicroJammer Chart 2The full-wave commutating electronics package now integrated into each 5.1-in., MICROjammer blower enhances its versatility well beyond what was possible with the previous half-wave version. The full-wave controller provides more protection features and functional options, including a tachometer output, while simultaneously increasing the unit’s customization potential. End users no longer need to add costly, spaceconsuming external drives, and because the fullwave controller is fully programmable, they no longer face the task of developing their own “hard” control schemes. Instead, users can take advantage of an AMETEK multi-wire input for specific operational functions, including closed loop speed control, maximum speed set, and electric braking, as well as current-limit, over-temperature, and locked-rotor protection. The upgraded controller also allows a greater range of speed control (virtually 0–100% total speed variation is achievable). End users will no longer need to vary input voltage to achieve specific operating MicroJammer Chart 3characteristics, but rather, they can take full advantage of the on-board signal-level controllability. Along with these benefits, upgraded 5.1˝ MICROjammer blowers offer greater operating efficiency, which leads directly to lower cost of operation and makes them better suited for energy efficient or “green” applications. By continuing to provide AMETEK’s low-inertia, high-dynamic response characteristics, our updated MICROjammer blowers are the industry choice for a variety of high-end blower applications such as business machine, computer, medical, printing equipment, and others. Blower package sizes vary from 3.0 inches to 5.1 inches, each providing unique aerodynamic operating characteristics allowing for a custom fit. All units continue to be powered by AMETEK’s industry reliable 1.7-inch brushless 12 or 24 Vdc motor.


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