Argos Multilingual and enLabel Global Services forge strategic partnership


Argos-enLabelArgos Multilingual (Chapel Hill, N.C.) and enLabel Global Services (Boston) have partnered up to fully integrate the enLabel Integrated Packaging Management platform with Argos’s Translation Management System. The goal of the partnership is to build a fully-automated, end-to-end multilingual label publishing solution.

Medical device manufacturers are typically tasked with making sure their products are compliant with the different language requirements of the regions they are targeting. Regulations like the 2017 European Union Medical Device Regulations have created the need to develop better automated systems that are able to easily adjust to the differing regulatory changes.

“We live in a world of perpetual change. Our goal is to deliver the best in class tools and subject matter expertise to our clients so that they can adapt to the increasingly complex regulatory landscape and demands of the global supply chain,” said Ken Legault, VP of sales and marketing at enLabel Global Services. “Our clients leverage automation and a rules driven process to effectively manage product data, graphics and translations.”

Fast turnaround times and quality are key factors to remaining competitive in a regulated market, according to the two companies. The partnership between Argos and enLabel will help customers ensure they are reaching those goals. The enLabel Integrated Packaging Management platform will be fully integrated with Argos’s Translation Management System. Label content will be automatically translated with the pre-defined language requirements and deadlines. Label content will then be imported back into the IPM platform so that the process to publication can continue.

“Our goal is to have our customers smoothly adapt to changes in their industries. This partnership with enLabel is not just a technological partnership, but also a change in the way in which life sciences companies will work to be ready for the various language requirements and changes in regulations that can affect their business,” Kimon Foundoukidis, Argos Multilingual’s president and founder, said.

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