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Atlas Vac Machine UDI

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Atlas Vac Machine, a maker of medical tray and blister sealers, has added new features to its equipment to better aid medical device companies trying to keep up with FDA’s Unique Device Identification rules.

Over the past year, the Cincinnati-based company has had its machines providing data logging of operator IDs and passwords, sign-ins, PW changes, UDI, recipe changes, alarms, odometer readings and more. The new data comes on top of the dynamic output data such as time, temperature, PSI, time and date, and recipe number that Atlas machines have been outputting for years to PCL5-capable label printers

Atlas Vac Machine also boasts that all of the data streams onto a standard 10-in. color touch screen. Atlas is also able to retrofit the new capability onto many existing standard Atlas Vac units, reducing the need for customers to replace equipment.

The new offerings do not use PCs but are based on industrial PLC, so there are no OS updates and related software/firmware reliability problems for engineers to worry about.

The news is but the latest example of how medical device manufacturers’ UDI needs could present a business opportunity for suppliers. Last September, requirements for UDIs expanded to Class II medical devices. In the months leading up to the expansion of the requirements, many companies were scrambling to meet the deadline, according to a report from Loftware (Portsmouth, N.H.) and USDM Life Sciences (Santa Barbara, Calif.).

Atlas Vac Machine

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