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Lee Goldberg

Lee brings over 20 years’ experience in technology reporting to his post as lead editor at PD&D and MDT. Prior to entering publishing, Lee was an electrical engineer. During that time, he helped design microprocessors, embedded systems, renewable energy applications, and the occasional interplanetary spacecraft. Lee intends to use what he’s learned from all these experiences to provide unique perspectives on the technologies, products, and people within the Medical Device and R&D communities.

Off duty, Goldberg indulges his passions for gardening, hiking, experimental cuisine, flying, and DIY technologies. He’s a regular attendee at the Maker Faire, where he hopes to eventually exhibit an Arduino-powered autopilot he’s designing for his home-built ultralight aircraft. Lee, his wife Catherine, and his daughter Anwyn currently reside in the outskirts of Princeton NJ, where they masquerade as a typical suburban family. You can reach him at .