Meet the computer-automated drill that cuts surgery time down to minutes

What do machining auto parts and speeding up cranial surgery have in common? Think a computer-driven drill that can produce fast, safe, clean cuts in complex surgical procedures. Such computer-automated drills, which have long been used in automotive technology, have the potential to speed surgeries by 50% or more. Researchers from the University of Utah

Japanese automakers are interested in health robotics: Here’s how

Japanese automakers such as Toyota Motor Corp. are reportedly turning their focus to health robotics to help the country’s rapidly aging society. Japan faces dwindling demand for cars and its falling population has yielded labor shortages and pension squeezes. Toyota today launched a rental service for its walk assist system, which helps stroke survivors learn

Medical robotics has a future in China

A host of medical robotics outfits have emerged in China in recent years as companies seek to take advantage of the country’s growing need to automate medicine, GCiS China Strategic Research analyst Siao Tin Soh writes in Robohub. China’s medical robots market was up more than a third in 2016, to 791 million Chinese yuan

STMicroelectronics and WiTricity to develop integrated circuits for resonant wireless power transfer

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor developer serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, and WiTricity, the industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance, announced their design collaboration to develop semiconductor solutions for magnetic-resonance-based wireless power transfer. The goal is to “cut the last cord,” bringing convenience to the powering and charging of consumer electronics, Internet

The MarSurf UD 130 “entry level” high precision roughness and contour measuring system

Mahr Federal has introduced a new “entry level” surface finish and contour measuring system that can generate both surface and contour measurements in a single pass. The MarSurf UD 130 replaces the MarSurf UD 120 and offers improved features, including nanometer range measurements, high measuring and positioning speeds, a biomimetic probe design with improved rigidity

Robotic arm for real-time MRI guidance

Fannin Innovation Studio, an early-stage life science commercialization firm, and the University of Houston have formed a startup company around the college’s robotic arm technology, which enables interventions using real-time MRI guidance. GuidaBot is developing a robotic, four-degree-of-freedom manipulator designed to work within the powerful magnetic field of an MRI, allowing physicians to perform interventions

A brushless DC motor for demanding operating room applications

maxon’s new brushless electric motor, the EC-4pole 30, delivers high torque at 106 mNm and is sterilizable which is perfect for hand-held surgical tools. Swiss drive specialist maxon motor has developed a robust brushless DC motor for hand-held surgical tools: the EC-4pole 30. Featuring two pole pairs, this DC motor provides a nominal torque of

Simple rubber washer prevents shaft collars from getting stuck on shafts

Amacoil has introduced the Elasto-Ring washer for use with U-Clip quick release shaft collars. Elasto-Ring installs by hand with no tools required and assures easy removal of the U-Clip collar. Amacoil is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Elasto-Ring washers, Uhing U-Clip and EasyLock shaft collars and for Uhing rolling ring traverse drives. When a U-Clip

MEMSIC launches a flow sensor for medical applications

MEMSIC, a leading sensing solutions provider, announced the availability of its MFC2030 Bi-Directional Flow Sensor for a wide range of applications such as analytical instruments, anesthesia and other medical flow devices such as, process control and natural gas measurement. MEMSIC uses its thermal accelerometer platform, which the company has shipped hundreds of millions of units into a variety

SPM presents its new Electronic Stethoscope ELS14

Listening to machine sounds to determine the probable source of an abnormal noise is one of the most widely used methods in maintenance departments across all branches of industry. SPM introduces its Electronic Stethoscope ELS14 to aid the sound source search. The stethoscope is a practical and easy-to-use listening device that helps pinpoint the source of mechanical

New micro processing sub system makes technological leap industrially suitable

SCANLAB AG is introducing a 5-axis micro-processing subsystem to the market. This scanner-based solution enables highly dynamic and precise fabrication of flexibly definable geometries. precSYS’s five axes deliver a true technological leap with maximum flexibility and entirely new possibilities to develop and execute processes superior to typical percussion drilling, spiral drilling and trepanning. The system

Branson Ultrasonics lock in the welding process with traceability

Branson Ultrasonics has introduced an addition to its 2000X series of Ultrasonic Assembly Systems. The new 2000Xc ultrasonic welding system locks in the welding process with fully electronic welder settings, hierarchical password protection and Ethernet connectivity access. The system offers secure process controls and detailed weld data to meet the global compliance, traceability and security

Connect, learn, and get inspired at AMUG conference

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) announced its featured keynote speakers for the 2015 AMUG Education & Training Conference, which will be held in Jacksonville, Florida, from April…

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Software enables design freedom for additive manufacturing

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Should you 3D print in house or not?

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