Baylis Medical launches steerable guiding sheath


Baylis Medical SureFlex

[Image from Baylis Medical]

Baylis Medical has launched its SureFlex steerable guiding sheath to expand its transeptal portfolio.

The SureFlex sheath is one part of the company’s growing portfolio of products designed for transeptal access. The sheath features an advanced sheath-to-dilator design for septum crossing. It also features high-precision and intuitive steering with reliable performance through its superior curve retention and consistent sheath tip contact force.

Steerable sheaths are important for gaining access to complex anatomies in hard-to-reach areas on the left side of the heart.

“When contact force sensing technology became available, it was an eye opener how much a steerable sheath improves contact,” Dr. Brian Powell, a medical director of electrophysiology in Charlotte, N.C., said in a press release. “The SureFlex sheath has good maneuverability and control. With the SureFlex sheath, I have not seen the flexion fatigue during long cases that I have experienced with similar sheaths. It maintains its ability to curl throughout the entire procedure.”

If a steerable sheath’s contact force and tip range of motion are not well-maintained during procedures, it could lead to clinical failure.

“Baylis is committed to continually developing sophisticated solutions that meet the needs of physicians, allowing them to deliver lifesaving therapies to their patients,” Neil Godara, director of research and development at Baylis, said. “The launch of SureFlex further demonstrates our dedication to excellence in transeptal access following the global success of our NRG Transeptal Needle.”

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