Bio-Chem, Koganei announce Opus solenoid actuated rocker valve


Opus solenoid operated rocker valve Bio-Chem KoganeiA co-development effort between Bio-Chem Fluidics and Koganei Corp. has resulted in the Opus solenoid actuated rocker valve – specifically designed for clinical diagnostics and life science applications.

Bio-Chem and Koganei announced the release of the Opus rocker valve on July 25. The Opus is a modification of the existing Koganei PVR valves. It is about half the size and 60% the volume of competitive valves while maintaining equivalent flow rates, according to Bio-Chem (Boonton, N.J.) and Koganie (U.S. headquarters in Fremont, Calif.).

Under real world conditions, an Opus valve is expected to have a life expectancy exceeding 10 million cycles.

The valve is the result of a five-year medical co-development partnership that Bio-Chem and Koganei entered into last year.

“This partnership will drive long term innovation specific to our targeted markets,” said William Easterbrook, VP of innovation and strategic marketing of Bio-Chem, in a news release.

“We are leveraging Bio-Chem’s presence and brand in life science markets with Koganei’s proven valve technology and world class automation capabilities to provide the desired outcomes for our OEM customers,” Easterbrook said. “Our goal is to create innovations to improve the quality of life through solutions that are clinically relevant and cost efficient.”

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