BMZ Group opening new center to develop batteries


BMZ Group batteries

[Image from BMZ Karlstein E.Volution Center]

BMZ Group will open its E.Volution Center next month in Aschaffenburg, Germany. The addition will include 150 developers focused on creating the energy storage systems of the future.

Under chief technical officer Dirk Oestreich’s leadership, the company plans to develop 200 new battery systems that can be used in medical products, cars, bicycles and more.

“Battery systems are becoming smaller and lighter weight, even as run times are becoming longer, and as devices are able to work within a wider temperature range and charge more quickly – to name just some of the innovations in the field,” Sven Bauer, CEO and founder of BMZ Group, said in a press release.

The company’s continued developments have allowed it to grown 30–50% each year.

BMZ Group’s E.Volution Center develops the components for high-powered lithium-ion batteries. The company employs battery cell experts, designers, hardware and software developers, testing engineers, prototype engineers and welding technology specialists.

Lithium-ion batteries created by the company are designed to replace maintenance-intensive lead batteries. The technology offers fast-charging capabilities with an 8-year service life.

The company also works alongside with Batteryuniversity to ensure that its products meet all safety requirements and have the licenses needed for global shipping and marketing.

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