Gaining a competitive edge with digital manufacturing

Rob Bodor, VP and GM of the Americas, Proto Labs As suppliers to medtech manufacturers, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of companies in this space—from large medical device OEMs to early-stage medtech firms—to help deliver transformative technologies and products to market. This market is sizeable, and a fiercely competitive one. The United

Designing complex components for rapid manufacturing

In the medical arena, identifying the right manufacturing tools for complex product and device design is critical. Technologies like 3D printing let engineers and designers combine multipart part assemblies into a few components. This can accelerate development and create a more user-centric device for both surgeon and patient. More traditional manufacturing technologies like overmolding and insert

Using outsourced MIM part production for medical and dental components is less costly than buying and operating a machining center in-house

When does it make more sense to use outsourced MIM part production than to buy and operate a machining center and do the work in-house? MIM is metal injection molding. It is an alternative process instead of machining parts out of raw metal stock. Many original equipment manufacturers of medical, dental and orthodontic components are

Small business: Profile of a CNC machinist

Before Jeff Dargatz was a small CNC business owner, he was a farm boy. He went to a small school in South Dakota, and when he graduated, he didn’t really have any direction. “My dad said, ‘Just get any job,’ so I went to work at an implement dealership [selling farm equipment parts].” After a

What is subtractive manufacturing?

Subtractive manufacturing, such as CNC milling and turning, removes material from a block or stock until only the required shape remains. Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC or just NC for short) machining describes end-to-end component manufacturing that is highly automated, thanks to computer-aided design and manufacturing programs. A part starts as a digital CAD file, which

Rapid prototyping: A desktop mill offers immediate innovation

An inexpensive CNC machine boasts precision and access for any user in medtech. A few months back I was listening to a This American Life episode about the NUMMI plant in Fremont, Calif. The plant, which opened in the mid1980s was one of the first automotive factories in the United States to aim for design