Covalon Technologies launches new coating for intravascular devices


covalon technologiesCovalon Technologies has launched its new Centaur low particulate, lubricous coating for intravascular medical devices including catheters, guidewires and delivery sheaths.

Centaur is designed to improve the safety and functionality of intravascular medical devices to prevent significant patient complications that arise from the presence of unwanted particulates.

Covalon’s new coating was studied in a third party in vivo simulated vascular insertion study to determine the amount of particulate present. Centaur had significantly lower levels for all particulate sizes compared to uncoated catheters.

“We are very excited about these results,” said Val DiTizio, chief scientific officer at Covalon (Mississauga, Ontario), in a press release. “Being able to show that a coated catheter can have fewer particles than even an uncoated catheter positions our patented technology ahead of the current leading medical coating processes.”

Covalon collaborates with medical device companies to develop coatings for their products. Its CovaCoat and Centaur coating technologies are cost-effective and provide functionality and performance for a variety of medical device surfaces, according to the company.

“The combination of recent recalls and a market for medical device coatings, that is expected to grow to $15 billion by 2025, makes our launch of a highly differentiated medical coating like Centaur that has a potentially more favorable safety profile than its competitors and exciting opportunity for our coatings business,” said John R. Hands, executive VP of Covalon. “Our new Centaur low particulate, lubricous coating can help medical device manufacturers introduce new lines of coated catheters, guidewires and stents that provide a higher level of confidence to clinicians when using their medical devices.”

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