How CHF Solutions is using health economics to expand product adoption


CHF SolutionsTwo years after CHF Solutions (NSDQ:CHFS) acquired Baxter‘s (NYSE:BAX) Aquadex fluid filtration device for $5 million, the company’s executives are working to weave together the evidence they need to land reimbursement in the U.S. and expand patient access for its technology.

The Aquadex system is designed to filter water and salt from patients experiencing fluid overload due to heart failure. CHF Solutions, formerly known as Sunshine Heart, has plenty of clinical evidence to back up the device’s efficacy, according to VP of quality assurance & regulatory affairs Megan Brandt.

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“Now I’m working to pull that economic story together, based off of clinical data that we have. While we may not have reimbursement, we can show that if you treat with our product, you can reduce hospital readmissions,” Brandt told ahead of her appearance this summer at DeviceTalks Minnesota.

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