The Lee Co. redesigns dispense pumps

The Lee Co. (Westbrook, Conn.) has redesigned some of its dispense pumps for in vitro diagnostics and scientific instrument applications. The LPD series precision dispense pumps are designed to have consistent performance and cost savings while fitting into a compact, lightweight package. They’re also designed to be maintenance free. LPD series precision dispense pumps are

7 diagnostic devices to boost healthcare in the developing world

The World Health Organization estimates that a quarter of death and disease globally is caused by hazards and environmental burdens in developing countries with little to no access to preventative care and diagnostic devices. Since developing countries are poor agricultural regions that are still becoming economically and socially advanced, it is harder for doctors to

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Fluid Metering has new valveless waste transfer pump

Fluid Metering is touting a new valveless waste transfer pump that is designed to remove waste fluid created by medical diagnostic instrumentation while analyzing patient fluid samples. Waste fluid usually has a mixture of patient samples, like blood components and urine samples, that get combined with reagents, byproducts of reagent reactions and wash fluids. The

CareFusion expands Alaris warning

The U.K.’s Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency issued a 2nd warning for CareFusion‘s Alaris drug pump after the company discovered that the Alaris pumps with broken springs in the plunger assembly could accidentally release a single dose of medication. The U.K. watchdog 1st warned customers in December last year that the pump could release a dose

B. Braun, Iatric Systems integrate Outlook infusion pump, Accelero Connect software

B. Braun Medical said today that it integrated its Outlook large-volume infusion pump with Iatric Systems‘ Accelero Connect integration software. The technology enables the pump to communicate with electronic health record systems, such as Meditech. Bethlehem, Pa.–based B. Braun said it used Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise standard communication protocols and transactions to support the integration.

Continuous glucose monitoring lowers blood sugar, Swedish study says

A new study from the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden has shown that there was a significant decrease in blood sugar levels and an increased well-being for people with type 1 diabetes over time with the use of a continuous glucose monitor. The study included  161 people with an average age

Trelleborg features engineered coating fabrics, contract manufacturing services for combo products

Trelleborg plans to be on site at MD&M West 2017, a medical technology conference in California next month, highlighting its portfolio of engineered coated fabrics for medical, orthopedic and surgical applications, as well as the company’s contract manufacturing services for drug-device combination products. Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics develops polyurethane, rubber and silicone-coated fabrics for devices such

Selecting seals for new insulin delivery devices

Insulin pump manufacturing requires intense technical precision, especially when it comes to selecting seals.  Drew Rogers, global director of healthcare & medical, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions With more than 400 million adults worldwide suffering from diabetes and 1.5 million deaths directly attributed to the disease each year, it’s no wonder so many scientists, inventors and pharmaceutical companies

Another warning for CareFusion’s Alaris drug pump

The U.K.’s Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency issued a warning today for Carefusion‘s Alaris syringe drug pumps. The U.K. watchdog said that Alaris pumps with broken springs in the plunger assembly could accidentally release a single dose of medication if the pump also uses non-recommended syringes. “This problem comes about through a combination of using

Researchers’ bionic pancreas outperforms standard insulin pump therapy

Researchers from Boston University have developed a bionic pancreas system that outperformed conventional insulin pump therapy for patients with type 1 diabetes, according to a trial conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital. The team’s work was published in The Lancet.  This device is the latest development in the race to make an entirely closed loop insulin pump system,

Seals key in new Ypsomed insulin pump

Swiss med-tech company Ypsomed (SWX:YPSN) launched its portable, light-weight insulin pump with seals designed by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. The pump, mylife YpsoPump, was introduced into the European market today. Insulin pumps, which continually transport insulin into patients, must have a very precise dosing mechanism. To facilitate a reliable measurement within the pump, there must be as

Formulation capabilities brings hope for patients with chronic breathing problems

Chronic respiratory diseases that affect the airways and different structures of the lungs are on the rise. As per an article in the journal Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion prevalence of asthma has been increasing since 1980. Furthermore, COPD is believed to be one of the fourth main cause of death in North

PDS100 programmable dispensing system can do 3 mL/dispense to 1.5 L/min

The PDS100, a precision system from Fluid Metering Inc., is capable of dispensing or pumping fluids ranging from 3 mL per dispense or 18 mL/min continuous (Single RH00LF) up to 1,536 mL/min (Dual Q3) into pressures ranging from 10 to 100 psi (RH). A few system features include FMI’s Patented CeramPump No-Valve Fluid Control Technology on all models.