Donald Trump: 5 questions medtech needs to ask


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[Image courtesy of Zach Rudisin, CC BY-SA 3.0]

From tax breaks to Obamacare repeal, medtech companies are likely due to experience major changes under President Donald Trump. The situation, though, remains unpredictable.

“I don’t think that there has been a scenario, not since I’ve been a professional and in politics, where we really know so little about exactly what the key priorities are that are going to impact our industry,” Shaye Mandle, president and CEO of the Medical Alley Association in Minnesota, recently told MDO.

Here are five major questions to ask in coming months.


MDO managing editor Chris Newmarker contributed to this report. 

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  1. Gregory Dennis says:

    Whatever changes the new Administration and Congress make to the ACA will inevitably be known as Trumpcare. And that seems to have given them great pause. Latest analysis is that they won’t do anything to the ACA this year, because it’s a complex set of programs and changing it will have many ripple effects — both on the healthcare industry and everyday Americans.

    I hope we can refrain from big changes in the ACA for the sake of patients who would love coverage under many of the proposed changes, and for the sake of businesses, which need certainty and are facing great uncertainty if the ACA is repealed without a clear and sensible replacement.

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