Could Vital Video become a Netflix for medical video?

Medlantis (Toronto) tomorrow plans to launch Vital Video, which it is billing as a Netflix or ResearchGate for medical video. The data-mining engine will include thousands of hours of medical lectures, cases, procedures, workshops, and demonstrations from the world’s top medical societies. The plan is to offer Vital Video in tiered plans: Free, with the ability

8 ways 3D printing is making surgery remarkable

3D printing is already making a difference in healthcare: It enables models of organs to train surgeons and educate patients –and improve surgical outcomes. Doctors previously had to examine actual organs with their hands to get a feel for what they need to do surgically. Now, MRIs and 3D printers eliminate the need to put

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How to achieve better medical device outcomes through behavior change

Will Randall, ZS Associates I often pause in restaurant bathrooms, amused by the familiar signage above the sink: “Employees must wash hands before returning to work.” Surely everyone washes their hands. While these well-meaning but rather amusing signs are found all over the U.S., do they actually have any impact on improving hygiene practices? Probably

Panasonic continues education efforts about 3 volt lithium coin battery ingestion

Panasonic is continuing its efforts in warning both OEM manufacturers and the public about the dangers of battery ingestion. This is part of a national ongoing campaign amongst battery industry manufacturers, regulators, pediatricians and the National Capitol Poison Center, among others. The campaign is a critical step in protecting the public, as approximately 2,314 individuals

Quickparts solves a medical device tray challenge

Hammerhead Design formed in 1997 to offer consultative design engineering to physicians, medical personnel, and medical device companies. Company engineers say they assist with designs by helping protect it and by designing the first prototype. Hammerhead can locate the right person in the corporate structure to champion your concept through its evaluation. Regarding education, Hammerhead

Clinical manual addresses how to approach organ donation after euthanasia

A new practical manual addresses the controversial topic of organ donation after euthanasia, providing guidance to clinicians whose patients have requested euthanasia and the desire to offer their organs to others in need. The manual is published in the American Journal of Transplantation. Around the globe, euthanasia or assisted suicide is increasingly being considered a

Axis Research & Technologies opens medical training and research facility

Axis Research & Technologies has announced the opening of its new facility to further advance medical research and education IMG_3211through a technologically sophisticated training ground for medical device manufacturers, surgeons, and hospitals. Located in Southern California, Axis offers full-service capabilities for hosting regional and national medical research and educational events. The 10,100 square-foot stand-alone facility

Mack Molding offers local students an inside look at operations

Mack Molding, a leading custom plastics molderand supplier of contract manufacturing services, recently opened its doors to give students from the Dorset, Vt.-based Long Trail School an inside look at running a business in the Green Mountain State. The students were participating in the Long Trail School’s own Made in Vermont program, in which sixth,