OKW announces new size and stations for its Body-Case wearable enclosures

OKW has added a new size M and two stations to its Body-Case range of fully wearable device enclosures. Smart and comfortable Body-Case is designed for a wide range of wearable electronics applications including tracking and monitoring; emergency call and notification; and bio-feedback sensors for healthcare, wellness and sports fitness. It can also be used

Why your next medical device enclosure should be pressure formed

This webinar was presented live on Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018. Click below to watch on demand.     Pressure forming is often the ideal process for medical device enclosures. Choosing pressure forming for your next medical device enclosure can save significant amounts of money, and improve both the aesthetics and performance of your medical device.

Hoffmann + Krippner and OKW Gehäuse partner for touch screens

Hoffmann + Krippner announced that it has partnered with German manufacturer OKW Gehäuse to develop touchscreen solutions. OKW creates plastic and aluminum enclosures and turning knobs using different manufacturing and finishing techniques like mechanical processing, vanish, print and EMC coating. By collaborating with OKW, Hoffman + Krippner can being to offer modular touch systems. The

ROLEC conFORM enclosures now available in 14 sizes

ROLEC conFORM enclosures, which offer built-in EMI/RFI shielding without the need for expensive gaskets, are now available in 14 sizes (3.11” x 3.30” x 1.73” to 10.55” x 6.61” x 3.93”). The tough diecast aluminum enclosures are designed for heavy duty industrial applications where EMI/RFI shielding is critical. They are ideal for electronics requiring regular

Cinch Connectivity Solutions introduces the new ModICE ME-MX connector enclosure

Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a division of Bel Fuse, proudly announces the release of the ModICE ME-MX enclosure system. As an expansion of the ModICE product line, ME-MX adds USCAR compatible headers to the ME enclosure series. ModICE is a line of environmentally-sealed connector enclosures for rugged control modules. The enclosures are available in various sizes

12 key considerations in Enclosure Thermal Design: A high-level “How To” Guide

Mentor Graphics explains the importance of Enclosure Thermal Design in its latest whitepaper: “The 12 Key Considerations in Enclosure Thermal Design.” Mentor demonstrates why thermal issues need to be considered within a system and enclosure. A natural focus when designing an electronics product is, well the electronics. The electronics itself however, needs to work within some kind

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures comply with the IK10 rating for external mechanical impact

Electrical enclosures are often put into harm’s way in commercial and industrial environments. The enclosure must continually protect the controls inside, especially in environments such as warehouse or outdoor work areas where accidental damage due to collision with heavy machinery, equipment, vehicles and vandalism are often a daily occurrence. To specify an enclosure that stands

BODY-CASE: OKW’s first fully wearable enclosures

OKW has launched BODY-CASE – the company’s first ever fully wearable standard electronic enclosures. Smart new BODY-CASE is OKW’s first enclosure designed specifically for fitting a standard 18 mm wrist strap – so it can be worn just like a watch! Each enclosure is supplied with two 18 mm spring bars for fitting the wrist

Securing mobile medical equipment with electronic access

Steve Spatig / General Manager of Electronic Access Solutions / Southco In modern medical practice, efficiency is key. Newer technologies allow for the mobility of medical equipment, letting personnel bring medical supplies and machines closer to patients, whether they are in the emergency room or an emergency vehicle. But with this improved accessibility, how can

AirClean Systems presents its new horizontal clean benches

AirClean Systems’s horizontal clean benches combine Class 100 (ISO 5) process protection with rugged, easy-to-clean polypropylene construction and microprocessor-based controls. Horizontal laminar flow clean benches from AirClean Systems are the ideal solution for Class 100 (ISO 5) applications where process protection is needed. Constructed from all white seamless polypropylene, these workstations are easy to clean

MNX Global Logistics opens new Life Sciences Logistics Center in Amsterdam

MNX Global Logistics announces the opening of its dedicated supply chain and logistics facility in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, located just outside of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This facility with validated temperature-controlled supply chain capabilities will serve as the operations and warehousing hub for its life sciences and medical device customers throughout Europe. “The demand for our services

TerraVerdae achieves commercial pilot-scale production for PHA biomaterials

TerraVerdae BioWorks, an industrial biotechnology company developing advanced bioplastics and environmentally sustainable biomaterials, announced that it has successfully achieved key milestones for the economic, commercial production for its line of PHA-based biomaterials. These include 10,000 liter production runs of the firm’s line of biodegradable, natural microspheres for use in personal care and cosmetic products, as

Injection Molding with Magnesium

Once known as an arduous and sometimes unpredictable process, magnesium injection molding is now an established technology. When the magnesium element is combined with small percentages of aluminum and zinc (AZ91D), and aluminum and manganese (AM60B), the alloy can be used to produce durable, lightweight parts. Products made with magnesium are also environmentally friendly, 100%

DILBERT™ NEW HORIZONS® in Products for Sanitary Applications Guide

DILBERT™ NEW HORIZONS® in Products for Sanitary Applications Version No. 27 contains over 180 pages of the latest information on top selling products for the sanitary food, beverage, pharmaceutical, bio-medical and related process markets or lab operations, including the Digital RTD Thermometers with NEMA 4 Enclosures for wash down, sanitary, and marine applications. 3-A approved,

Optima Partners with Pulizzi

(Tucker GA) – Optima EPS, an Elma Company, a leader in Cabinet Enclosure solutions and Pulizzi Engineering, a leader in Power Distribution solutions, have developed a partnership for their related products.   Optima is a designer and manufacturer of cabinet enclosures, wall-mount cases, electronic cases, 19″ racks, command consoles & desks, and electronic enclosures. The company