What is a position encoder and how is it used in medical devices?

Renishaw A position encoder is a device comprising a precision graduated scale and readhead (sensor). The encoder determines the position of the readhead on the scale and outputs this signal, in either analogue or digital formats, to a machine controller. Modern encoders may use optical, magnetic, capacitive or inductive principles to meet metrological requirements. Optical

Accuracy in small steps: New precision linear stepper stage from PI

Precision positioning systems solution specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. presents the L-511 linear stage series featuring minimum incremental motion as small as 0.02µm. With travel ranges to 155mm (6 inches), this 2-phase micro stepper motor platform is ideal for precision positioning demanded by science and industry, especially with high duty application cycles. Vacuum compatible versions

Schneider Electric’s new motor is ideal for small spaces

Schneider Electric presents the smallest Lexium MDrive integrated motor, 1.7 in. (42mm) NEMA size 17, which delivers a large range of features to small spaces. Features that now include an IP65 rated version with industrial M12 connectors. M12 Lexium MDrive products provide a robust interface, with IP65 certification for protection against water and dust in

MRI Safe Linear encoder for medical applications

MICRONOR introduces the world’s first commercially-available MRI Safe linear position sensor system for OEM motion control applications. With 100µm resolution and 50µm accuracy, MR303 Linear Sensor is the ideal solution for medical, MRI, robotic and industrial applications where position and speed must be precisely monitored, and electromagnetic immunity and invisibility is required. The sensor works in

Webinar: Four Steps to End Encoder Problems

Live webinar was May 6, 2014. Fill out the form below to watch on demand. In this webinar, Avtron Encoder Product Manager Brian Winter uncovers the biggest causes of encoder failure, and what you can do to eliminate these causes. Learn how to recognize problem(s), simplify mechanical issues on the outside and the inside of the encoder,

RSF Open Linear Encoder

Tarsdorf, Austria – A new open linear encoder (no housing on scale) equipped with a unique integrated mounting control is now available from RSF. Called the MS 25, this RSF encoder utlizes a tricolored LED directly at the reading head enabling the user to gage if the mounting and subsequent measurement readings are optimal. It