What is a position encoder and how is it used in medical devices?

Renishaw A position encoder is a device comprising a precision graduated scale and readhead (sensor). The encoder determines the position of the readhead on the scale and outputs this signal, in either analogue or digital formats, to a machine controller. Modern encoders may use optical, magnetic, capacitive or inductive principles to meet metrological requirements. Optical

Rotary actuator designed for injection equipment reduces installation time and labor costs

Parker Hannifin Corporation has announced that its Pneumatic Division North America has introduced a product designed to address the needs of the oil & gas industry in both onshore and offshore fracking applications. The Hydraulic Unibody (HUB) Series Rotary Actuator provides superior performance in injection equipment used in in the harshest environmental conditions, offering a

Schneider Electric’s new motor is ideal for small spaces

Schneider Electric presents the smallest Lexium MDrive integrated motor, 1.7 in. (42mm) NEMA size 17, which delivers a large range of features to small spaces. Features that now include an IP65 rated version with industrial M12 connectors. M12 Lexium MDrive products provide a robust interface, with IP65 certification for protection against water and dust in

Webinar: Four Steps to End Encoder Problems

Live webinar was May 6, 2014. Fill out the form below to watch on demand. In this webinar, Avtron Encoder Product Manager Brian Winter uncovers the biggest causes of encoder failure, and what you can do to eliminate these causes. Learn how to recognize problem(s), simplify mechanical issues on the outside and the inside of the encoder,

Compact 9 mm Mechanical Encoder from CUI

CUI Inc announces a compact 9 mm addition to their ACZ series of flexible mechanical encoders. The 2-bit quadrature ACZ09 series encoder can be configured into over 1,000 different versions. The encoders have a rotational life of 30,000 cycles and are rugged, utilizing metal material where similar models would use plastic. This series is ideal

Unique Rotary Ring Encoder from RSF

Tarsdorf, Austria – A new modular steel tape rotary encoder from RSF Elektronik is now available for measurement applications with diameters of 6 inches (150 mm) to 6 feet (~2 m). Named the MSR 40, this unique and versatile encoder is available in North America through HEIDENHAIN Corporation. Applications for this economical ring encoder include

Optical Encoder

The Series 61L optically coupled rotary encoder generates one quadrature cycle per detent position. It is suited for human-to-machine interface applications requiring high rotational sensitivity. The encoder satisfies the MIL-STD-202 requirement and gives one million rotational cycles even in the harshest conditions. The optional push-button makes it ideal for use in menu scrolling and choice

Incremental Wire Draw Encoder

DAYTON, OH — SICK STEGMANN, INC. introduces PKS Incremental Wire Draw Encoders.  This wire draw system is a compact workhorse that provides precise linear position or distance information for paths up to 5 m in length with repeatability to ± 3 measuring steps at speeds to 3.5 m/sec. PKS wire draw encoders include an integrated

Precision Machines Count on Robust Optical Encoders

by Scott Hewitt, President, Sick Stegmann, Inc., Dayton, Ohio Resolution is one of the most critical factors that must be considered when selecting an encoder and probably the least understood. Resolution is often described in terms of lines, pulses, and counts.  Incremental encoders provide a fixed number of square pulses on each channel per shaft