Exploring ePTFE sutures for surgical product development


Zeus Industrial Products has developed an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) suture based on physicians’ needs. In this podcast, Bruce Anneaux, corporate director of research and development at Zeus, reviews the material properties of Aeos ePTFE and the company’s latest offering, a suture monofilament. The structure of the Aeos material consists of solid nodes interconnected by a matrix of thin fibrils. The spacing between these nodes and fibrils – which are manipulated during extrusion – enable the material to achieve microporous qualities. This microporous character supports new tissue growth into the suture while providing exceptional strength, which influence ePTFE sutures technology.

Aeos ePTFE suture monofilament can be swaged onto needles up to a 1:1 needle-to-suture ratio minimizing bleeding at the suture site. These sutures are characterized by a soft feel and drape preferred by surgeons for ease of handling during surgery. Anneaux reviews the types of surgeries that might benefit from this type of suture, how Aeos differs from traditional monofilament sutures, and the unique attributes of Aeos ePTFE that can influence knot strength and sizing.

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  1. Wonderful work Team, Dr. Anneaux has lead a fantastic team of material science engineers to the development of a next generation suture material!

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