Simplifying product testing and validation with fastener torque auditing

Capturing data during a product’s manufacturing process can help ensure the quality and consistency of that product. Here’s how that process plays out with fastener torque. Thomas Moore, Futek One of the scariest phases of product design is testing & validation. That’s when any unknown flaws or manufacturing defects will see the light of day.

MW Industries launches MW Industries Medical Solutions

MW Industries – a maker of springs, specialty fasteners, machined parts and other precision components – today announced the launch of a medtech-focused MW Industries Medical Solutions. MW Industries (Rosemont, Ill.) will be touting its capabilities this week in New York at MD&M East (Booth 721). MW Industries Medical Solutions’s business involves precision metal components

Ceramco, Inc. to launch e-commerce portal for ceramic screws

Ceramco, Inc. announced the availability of its new e-commerce portal: This portal is designed solely for the sale of Ceramco’s own solid zirconia and alumina fasteners, made in their plant in Center Conway, New Hampshire, USA. Upon visiting the portal, prospective buyers will find a comprehensive, easy to identify selection of machine screws, bolts,

New vented dust caps from Qosina prevent damage and contamination on a new level

Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of eleven new soft TPE vented dust caps (#11300, #11301, #11320, #11330, #11331, #11340, #11341, #11350, #11360, #11361 and #11380) in stock and ready for immediate delivery. These components are available in a variety of colors including blue, green, red, white and yellow; sizes range from 0.187 in.

Fluid connectors and quick disconnects for IVD equipment from CPC

Colder Products Company (CPC) offers thousands of tubing connectors, quick disconnects and fittings for smart fluid handling in IVD and analytical equipment. Non-spill connectors speed testing throughput by eliminating drips, preventing air inclusion and increasing operator safety. Panel mount connectors can be added to existing equipment or bottle caps to provide secure, leak-free connections. Puncture

Solving Assembly Challenges in Reduced Footprint Applications

Smaller, lighter, and thinner electronic devices and their inherently restrictive design envelopes present several challenges on the road to  their assembly and manufacture. Hardware for component attachment must perform reliably, despite the shrinking and limited footprints for fastener placement and installation. In addition, designers face reduced parts counts for weight savings and production economies. An entirely

Stronger Implant for the More Active Generation

With active baby boomers living and playing longer, traditional artificial implants, their components, and the fasteners that hold them together must be built to last longer than ever before. Skeletal Dynamics recognized this need and developed the Align Radial Head System, an artificial elbow joint designed to restore the natural function of the native radial

Custom Threaded Metal Inserts for Insulin Pumps

Recently, Yardley Products has been supplying custom sized threaded metal inserts in the assembly of insulin pumps made by a multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturer. The manufacturer approached Tim Bailey, president of Yardley Products, about creating a custom sized insert in the construction of the insulin pumps. “The insert had to be incredibly small,” says Bailey. “It’s

The CNC Shrinks from Industrial Size to Individual Size

Like various smaller sized rapid prototyping equipment and 3D printers, the CNC is following suit and shrinking to a “personal” size. The design concessions necessary to achieve that size are fewer than you might think. The term ‘Personal CNC’ describes the new Tormach mill and correlates to the first personal computers when they shrank in

New Ways to Mate Parts

Whether it is improving the feel of surgical scissor adjustment, collaborating to develop innovative fastening systems, improving joint consistency, or finding reliable retaining, check out these innovations in fastening. In any assembly, you must connect pieces together–somehow. Exactly how you accomplish this goal opens the door to innovative thinking. Here’s a look at several recent