Simplifying product testing and validation with fastener torque auditing

Capturing data during a product’s manufacturing process can help ensure the quality and consistency of that product. Here’s how that process plays out with fastener torque. Thomas Moore, Futek One of the scariest phases of product design is testing & validation. That’s when any unknown flaws or manufacturing defects will see the light of day.

EP30Med: Low viscosity epoxy meets USP class VI specifications

Ideal for encapsulation, bonding and sealing applications, Master Bond EP30Med offers effective electrical insulation properties and exceptionally low shrinkage upon cure. It is a two component, room-temperature curing biocompatible epoxy adhesive designed for high performance medical device applications. It features high bond strength, durability, resistance chemicals and cold sterilants, such as EtO and gamma radiation. It also

Qosina presents new breakable male luer lock connector

Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of a new breakable male luer lock connector, which is in stock and ready for immediate delivery. A clear polycarbonate body and tip allows for a transparent view of fluid. The connector is E-Beam, EtO and Gamma sterilization compatible, with a 0.262 in. (6.65 mm) OD port. Breakable

New vented dust caps from Qosina prevent damage and contamination on a new level

Qosina is pleased to announce the addition of eleven new soft TPE vented dust caps (#11300, #11301, #11320, #11330, #11331, #11340, #11341, #11350, #11360, #11361 and #11380) in stock and ready for immediate delivery. These components are available in a variety of colors including blue, green, red, white and yellow; sizes range from 0.187 in.

U.S. Army Research Office backs NYU engineering team’s investigation of hydrogels that could heal wounds or stick like Spiderman

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory’s Army Research Office (ARO) recently awarded a New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering researcher a grant to advance protein-engineered, environmentally responsive hydrogels that could replicate biochemical processes currently found only in nature. These protein hydrogels could become fundamental building blocks of important new biomimetic materials. Associate Professor Jin Kim

How to ensure bolted joint integrity when using a Compression Limiter in a plastic assembly

Compression Limiters are used to protect plastic components in bolted joints and maintain a threaded fastener’s clamp load by eliminating plastic creep. To function properly, bearing surface beneath the bolt’s head must extend over the Compression Limiter to contact the plastic component. Assembly considerations Several factors including speed and assembly method must be considered when

New corrosion-resistant, all plastic Cam Latch from Southco meets Nema 4 and Ip65 standards

Southco, a company who engineers access solutions, has expanded its successful E5 Cam Latch series with a new, plastic version. The redesigned plastic E5 Cam Latch features an all plastic, corrosion resistant design that meets NEMA 4 and IP65 standards for water and dust protection, making it ideal for use in highly corrosive environments. The plastic

Fluid connectors and quick disconnects for IVD equipment from CPC

Colder Products Company (CPC) offers thousands of tubing connectors, quick disconnects and fittings for smart fluid handling in IVD and analytical equipment. Non-spill connectors speed testing throughput by eliminating drips, preventing air inclusion and increasing operator safety. Panel mount connectors can be added to existing equipment or bottle caps to provide secure, leak-free connections. Puncture

Southco introduces restyled detent hinge with improved corrosion resistance and cycle life

Southco, a company specializing in engineered access solutions, has refreshed its successful C6 Detent Hinge series with an improved design that offers increased corrosion resistance for applications that require doors and panels to be held securely at predetermined angles. Constructed of robust plastic and stainless steel, the new C6 Detent Hinge features contemporary styling and enhanced functionality

Vention video tutorials for how to use PET heat shrink tubing

Vention Medical has created an advanced polymer that generates countless possibilities and uses within the medical device world. These five short video tutorials (just 30-90 seconds each) demonstrate how to use PET heat shrink tubing, which combines incredible strength and durability with extremely thin walls. Vention provides tip and tricks for using its PET heat shrink

Critical Steps in Selecting Fluid Connectors for Medical Applications

by Jim Brown, Medical Business Unit Manager, Colder Products Co. Choosing the right fluid connectors can improve patient safety and user convenience while maximizing sealing and flow performance. With so many risks and options for connecting tubing in medical applications, it is important to have a simple and repeatable strategy for selecting the best connector

Henkel Unveils Interactive Adhesive Selector Guide for Medical Devices

Henkel has unveiled the first Interactive Loctite Medical Device Adhesive Selector Guide, an online resource providing direct links between 48 Loctite medical device adhesives and supporting technical documents such as materials safety data sheets and technical data sheets. This comprehensive, online selector guide is designed to make it easier for design engineers to access technical

Connectors Take On A New Life

By Jaime R. Erickson, Senior Applications Engineer, Colder Products Company Medical systems continue to become more advanced and complex as newer technologies emerge. With some systems, the “umbilicals” use a variety of different lines for fluidics, pressurized air, vacuum, gasses, and a number of different electronics, such as multi-conductor, coaxial, power, and data cables. With

Stainless Steel Lifting Eyes from J.W. Winco

J.W. Winco, Inc. now offers series DIN 582-NI Stainless Steel Lifting Eyes with tapped thru hole, in metric sizes. These metric sized, RoHS compliant lifting eyes are manufactured with the contact face machined to allow for firm contact with the mating surface. The stainless steel material and one piece design makes these components suitable for

Solving Assembly Challenges in Reduced Footprint Applications

Smaller, lighter, and thinner electronic devices and their inherently restrictive design envelopes present several challenges on the road to  their assembly and manufacture. Hardware for component attachment must perform reliably, despite the shrinking and limited footprints for fastener placement and installation. In addition, designers face reduced parts counts for weight savings and production economies. An entirely